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What To Pack For a Solo Adventure Trip | Duluth Pack

Packing for a solo adventure


Bon voyage! You’re finally out of the office and ready to begin your journey as a solo traveler. Before starting your venture, having a durable pack to get you through the steps of traveling on your own is a must.

Your adventure awaits, so start packing!


Finding the perfect pack that fits your travel needs:

Roam where the wifi is weak with the Wanderer pack. This durable pack is ideal for any adventure that your heart desires. Fit with two side water bottle holders and a large front pocket for all your travel essentials. This pack is perfect for solo travelers who are seeking outdoor adventures like camping and hiking.

Be a traveler, not a tourist with the Scout pack. The simplistic and spacious interior of this pack holds all that you need for a day hike or while exploring a new city. This bag is comfortable enough to from place to place to make the journey more manageable for solo travel.

If you can’t bear to leave without most of your closet in tow, as a solo traveler, you can still get by smoothly with a duffel bag and a pack on your back. You don’t have to be gone for only a weekend to fit all your travel essentials in the Weekender Duffel. Traveling is easier when you have a bag with comfortable shoulder straps and the ability to fit in the overhead bin on a plane, having this duffel will make traveling through the airport look effortless.

When planning a trip out of the country where a passport is needed, the last thing you would want to happen is to misplace it before boarding the flight. Avoid the sense of panic again by keeping it safe in a travel wallet. Store your airline tickets, passport, credit cards, and other necessary travel documents safely.

Packing and unpacking your bag just got a lot more manageable with a large grab-n-go bag. The versatility and compactness of this bag is great for storing cosmetics, toiletries, and other travel essentials you find fitting for your travel habits.

Bags packed and passport ready. All that’s left is get on your comfiest pair of shoes, and you’re out the door to escape the ordinary. After all, home is where the adventure is.


Happy packing and safe travels, friends!