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Swapped Stories: Camp Talks with Camp Kooch-i-ching's Director, JR Verkamp | Duluth Pack

Swapped Stories: Camp Talks with Camp Kooch-i-ching's Director, JR Verkamp

A sit-down conversation with Director of Outdoor Guiding Camp Kooch-i-ching and Camp Ogichi Daa Kwe, JR Verkamp. Learn about the camps' indigenous roots, outdoor guides, and tips on tricks on reserving your bunk this upcoming season at the best outdoor camp for boys and girls in the USA.
Swapped Stories: With Ryan Krantz of Federal Premium Ammunition | Duluth Pack

Swapped Stories: With Ryan Krantz of Federal Premium Ammunition

An interview between Duluth Pack and Federal Premium Ammunition - the leading company in premium ammunition manufacturing. Read about the relationship between the companies and the ever growing demand for hunting and shooting sports equipment.
Swapped Stories: Bending Branches - Paddlers Making Paddles | Duluth Pack

Swapped Stories: Bending Branches - Paddlers Making Paddles

Here in the Northwoods, canoeing is a way of life for many people and is essentially a rite of passage. But did you know that the world’s largest manufacturer of quality canoe, kayak, and stand-up paddles is located just across the pond in Northern Wisconsin? Bending Branches is a 38-year-old company that, like us here at Duluth Pack, has remained true to its core values to ensure customers receive the best quality experience possible and always places quality first.
Swapped Stories: With Sammy's Pizza Downtown Duluth | Duluth Pack

Swapped Stories: With Sammy's Pizza Downtown Duluth

Sammy's Pizza is Duluth's longest existing pizza restaurant. Many people see Sammy's Pizza as home to some of their fondest memories. From being the site of first dates to school reunions, team bonding dinners, and so much more, Sammy's Pizza has become a part of life in Duluth, Minnesota. To learn more about this iconic restaurant, we were fortunate enough to be able to talk with Alex Perrella, the Co-Manager at Sammy's Pizza in Downtown Duluth. Not only is Alex a life-long pizza lover, but she is also part of the Sammy's family. Her great grandfather, Sammy Perrella, founded the first Sammy's Pizza in Hibbing, MN in 1954. Through our conversation, we were able to ask her a few questions about the history of the business, how they have expanded their operations while sticking to traditions, fun facts about Sammy's Pizza, and how the current pandemic has affected business overall. 
We Are Thankful For... | Duluth Pack

We Are Thankful For...

The list of what we at Duluth Pack are thankful for this year could go on for many pages, but we are here to share some of the most important. With the holidays approaching and the unknown being so prominent this year, we understand the importance of taking a step back and embracing what we can.

Swapped Stories: The Team That Operates The Aerial Lift Bridge | Duluth Pack

Swapped Stories: The Team That Operates The Aerial Lift Bridge

The iconic Duluth Aerial Lift Bridge in Canal Park is one of the most memorable attractions Duluth has to offer. Thousands of tourists and Duluthians pass by this bridge each year in awe of its operations and beauty. In 2019, 9,581 boats came in and out of the harbor, utilizing the Aerial Lift Bridge as an access point. All types of boats, from sailboats to foreign ships to gas boats, rely on this access point, as well as the bridge, to be able to execute their schedules of planned drop-offs and pickups of trade goods. Overall, the Aerial Lift Bridge is important to many people. However, very few know what it takes to keep this bridge running smoothly 24/7 or who even operates it. We wondered the same thing. So, to find out more about the Aerial Lift Bridge, its operations, and its operators, we interviewed one of the few individuals who operate it for a living.  
Tom Sega: From Customer to CEO of Duluth Pack | Duluth Pack

Tom Sega: From Customer to CEO of Duluth Pack

Tom Sega, a lifelong salesman with passions and careers in entrepreneurship and engineering, has been the CEO of Duluth Pack for the past 13 years. His beginnings of being a Duluth Pack customer relates closely to others who have turned to our brand over others. With traveling up to 30 weeks a year for his previous career, Tom would go through briefcases every six months to a year. He was tired of paying high prices for products that did not last him very long. Then one day, after finally having enough, Tom took a close friend's advice and went to Duluth Pack to look for a quality briefcase after he heard them say, "Duluth Pack makes good stuff."
Swapped Stories: Boomerang Energy | Duluth Pack

Swapped Stories: Boomerang Energy

Swapped Stories: Boomerang Energy


Most people seek for something to help them get through the day. Coffee and, of course, energy drinks are more popular than ever before. These companies are competing to "one-up" the competition, seeing how much sugar or caffeine they can put into the drink to make it stand above the rest. Duluth native, Donny Pearson, had an idea to introduce an energy drink that went against the idea of putting harsh chemicals and substances in your body that would make you crash and fatigue. He wanted something that would get your energy back and stay with you throughout the day, thus Boomerang Energy was born.


Swapped Stories: Alan Bergo - The Forager Chef | Duluth Pack

Swapped Stories: Alan Bergo - The Forager Chef

Imagine starting out cooking at McDonald's and working your way up to training with Celebrity Chefs, building a following that spans the globe. That is only the beginning of the story for chef Alan Bergo. We recently had the opportunity to sit down and chat with Alan, also known as the Forager Chef, about his remarkable journey.
The History Of The Tumpline | Duluth Pack

The History Of The Tumpline

Our founder was a French-Canadian immigrant by the name of Camille Poirier. He began his career as a shoemaker but, when he moved to Duluth, he saw a need for a new pack design among trappers, traders, and lumber workers that would be rugged enough to last the harsh Minnesotan conditions. Thus, the Poirier Pack Sack - aka The Duluth Pack was born. Duluth Pack, as it would eventually be known, was founded in 1882 and been handcrafting the packs the same way ever since. The Poirier Pack Sack, now the #3 Orginal Duluth Pack canoe pack was not the only item patented in 1882, the tumpline shared that patent as well.

What is a tumpline, you might ask? A tumpline is a forehead sling strap for carrying a load on a back, with a strap that passes across the top of the person's head. The creation of the tumpline was to remove extra weight off the shoulders along with keeping the neck and back align.