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Due to high-demand and delays associated with COVID, our Made in the USA manufactured products may be delayed or on backorder. Thank you for your support and understanding.
Due to high-demand and delays associated with COVID, our Made in the USA manufactured products may be delayed or on backorder. Thank you for your support and understanding.
Swapped Stories: The Team That Operates The Aerial Lift Bridge | Duluth Pack

Swapped Stories: The Team That Operates The Aerial Lift Bridge

The iconic Duluth Aerial Lift Bridge in Canal Park is one of the most memorable attractions Duluth has to offer. Thousands of tourists and Duluthians pass by this bridge each year in awe of its operations and beauty. In 2019, 9,581 boats came in and out of the harbor, utilizing the Aerial Lift Bridge as an access point. All types of boats, from sailboats to foreign ships to gas boats, rely on this access point, as well as the bridge, to be able to execute their schedules of planned drop-offs and pickups of trade goods. Overall, the Aerial Lift Bridge is important to many people. However, very few know what it takes to keep this bridge running smoothly 24/7 or who even operates it. We wondered the same thing. So, to find out more about the Aerial Lift Bridge, its operations, and its operators, we interviewed one of the few individuals who operate it for a living.  
Tom Sega: From Customer to CEO of Duluth Pack | Duluth Pack

Tom Sega: From Customer to CEO of Duluth Pack

Tom Sega, a lifelong salesman with passions and careers in entrepreneurship and engineering, has been the CEO of Duluth Pack for the past 13 years. His beginnings of being a Duluth Pack customer relates closely to others who have turned to our brand over others. With traveling up to 30 weeks a year for his previous career, Tom would go through briefcases every six months to a year. He was tired of paying high prices for products that did not last him very long. Then one day, after finally having enough, Tom took a close friend's advice and went to Duluth Pack to look for a quality briefcase after he heard them say, "Duluth Pack makes good stuff."
Swapped Stories: Boomerang Energy | Duluth Pack

Swapped Stories: Boomerang Energy

Swapped Stories: Boomerang Energy


Most people seek for something to help them get through the day. Coffee and, of course, energy drinks are more popular than ever before. These companies are competing to "one-up" the competition, seeing how much sugar or caffeine they can put into the drink to make it stand above the rest. Duluth native, Donny Pearson, had an idea to introduce an energy drink that went against the idea of putting harsh chemicals and substances in your body that would make you crash and fatigue. He wanted something that would get your energy back and stay with you throughout the day, thus Boomerang Energy was born.


Swapped Stories: Alan Bergo - The Forager Chef | Duluth Pack

Swapped Stories: Alan Bergo - The Forager Chef

Imagine starting out cooking at McDonald's and working your way up to training with Celebrity Chefs, building a following that spans the globe. That is only the beginning of the story for chef Alan Bergo. We recently had the opportunity to sit down and chat with Alan, also known as the Forager Chef, about his remarkable journey.
The History Of The Tumpline | Duluth Pack

The History Of The Tumpline

Our founder was a French-Canadian immigrant by the name of Camille Poirier. He began his career as a shoemaker but, when he moved to Duluth, he saw a need for a new pack design among trappers, traders, and lumber workers that would be rugged enough to last the harsh Minnesotan conditions. Thus, the Poirier Pack Sack - aka The Duluth Pack was born. Duluth Pack, as it would eventually be known, was founded in 1882 and been handcrafting the packs the same way ever since. The Poirier Pack Sack, now the #3 Orginal Duluth Pack canoe pack was not the only item patented in 1882, the tumpline shared that patent as well.

What is a tumpline, you might ask? A tumpline is a forehead sling strap for carrying a load on a back, with a strap that passes across the top of the person's head. The creation of the tumpline was to remove extra weight off the shoulders along with keeping the neck and back align. 

Celebrating Paul Bunyan Day | Duluth Pack

Celebrating Paul Bunyan Day

Paul Bunyan Day is right around the corner! The celebration of the heroic giant and protector of our great outdoors is on June 28th. Paul Bunyan is a lumberjack legend of America and was known for his grit, immense strength, and diligence while working within the northern forests of the United States.

Paul Bunyan originated from traditions and folk tales told around the campfires of the logging industry of the northern woods of America. The stories would allude to his extreme strength and capabilities of being proficient and clever within tough situations. The story has it, that Paul Bunyan was delivered by five large storks to his parents in Bangor, Maine, and as he grew up, his clothes were so big that he used wagon wheels for buttons on his shirts. Paul Bunyan was much of a disruption for the small town, so his parents rafted him off the coast of Maine and as he would rock in his sleep, he created massive waves that would sink ships and flood nearing towns. Later on, one winter day after the forest was covered in fresh snow, Paul Bunyan went to explore the woods as the snow slightly appeared blue, he came across a baby ox that had blue hair and named him Babe. History has it that Paul Bunyan and his trusted companion, Babe the Blue Ox, produced the 10,000 lakes in Minnesota as they walked across the Midwest and northern woods of America. Within the logging community and lumber industry, some older crewmen believed that Paul Bunyan lived in the northern woods, and would claim that they worked with Paul Bunyan and his accompanied friend, Babe the Blue Ox. Legend has it, Babe had the power of nine horses and weighed 5,000 pounds, along with seven axe handles could fit between Babe's two eyes. Paul Bunyan and Babe the Blue Ox worked hand-in-hand logging and pioneering the way for loggers alike during the flourish of the lumber industry. Another tale of Paul Bunyan is that he dug out the spot where Lake Superior thrives and Babe created the Mississippi River by accidentally knocking over a water tank.

Conquering Great Heights While Heli-Skiing | Duluth Pack

Conquering Great Heights While Heli-Skiing

Duluth Pack has handcrafted and sold millions of products over the 138 continuous years in business. Unlike our history and American heritage, what aren't old are the stories we hear from our customers. Anyone who purchases a Duluth Pack manufactured item becomes the #PersonBehindThePack. They share photos and stories of adventures, generational memories, and priceless experiences.


Recently, Eric, a customer of ours sent in his #PersonBehindThePack story along with the featured photo. With his approvals, today, we have the honor of sharing in his words and experience with his beloved Sparky Pack made by yours truly.


Sparky's super strong padded leather shoulder straps are the reason it has been my constant hiking and skiing companion here in the North Cascades. I'm a retired heli-ski and mountain guide who often encounters the need to pack something heavy on top of my day pack. Most often this has been a load of landing stakes from where our helicopter landed in snowy conditions. These stakes add up, over a season or more, and easily could have weighed over 50 pounds, occasionally. Usually, they weighed less, but my little but very rugged Sparky Pack, still often carried as much weight as an overnight or multi-day pack. All this was carried down terrain steep and long enough to be attractive to heli-skiers. My Swiss wife, who grew up there hiking and skiing in their ruggedly scenic landscapes, often accompanied me on my summer visits to our heli-ski territory. She declined to carry landing stakes, but her light little Duluth Pack day pack with its unpadded leather, but still very durable shoulder straps, came along over and down these same areas. Even though we're both now retired, we still hike and ski a lot and require tough packs. My Sparky Pack is still going strong after many decades and one repair trip back to Duluth. Her (my wife’s) day pack is in for repair as I write this. Of course, living deep in the North Cascades encourages other packing chores such as cutting and bringing in firewood, but I carry the chain saw on other (products) I've acquired as a professional guide and ranger. Our Duluth Packs are too nice to risk dripping chain saw oil and gas on. They're recognized as Duluth Packs, as far away as Switzerland, where we also visit family occasionally, and they're perfect for hiking there.”


Have a story with your Duluth Pack product(s)? We want to hear from you, friend!


In the meantime, happy adventures!


  • From your friends at Duluth Pack


Photography Credit and Approval From: Eric Sanford


Swapped Stories: With Blogger, Emily Fahlsing | Duluth Pack

Swapped Stories: With Blogger, Emily Fahlsing

Many people take to the internet to find tips and tricks about everyday life, from fashion and lifestyle to travel and fitness. Blogs are an excellent platform for many people who like to express their visionaries. They are a helpful way to learn from someone else’s tips and tricks of everyday living.

If fashion, food, and fitness interest you the most, turn to Emily Fahlsing. She’s the voice behind FahlingForFabulous, a blog dedicated to teaching people the ins and outs of fashion, beauty, lifestyle & travel. Fahlsing also manages her Instagram account, or her blogging space, as she likes to call it.

Fahlsing’s love for graphic design and writing was the motivation for creating a blog, as they’re the perfect blend of the two. She uses her website as a creative space to share her thoughts and ideas. After launching her website, she decided to create an Instagram account. "I love the creative aspect of everyone's [Instagram] feeds, and how you can make it your own space," Fahlsing said. Soon after, her Instagram started growing exponentially and is now what she considers her blog.



Fahlsing doesn't consider herself a social media influencer. She solely likes to share her thoughts without trying to influence others in a particular way. As she's always been into fashion, creating a lifestyle blog was the best way for her to show her styles and trends. Fahlsing's website and social platforms also feature several other categories.

Although blogging is her passion, she also works as a full-time nurse, a wife, and a dog mom. She plans to continue her acute care nursing career in the foreseeable future and would like to keep blogging if her passion is still there.

Fahlsing's goal for next year is to keep up with her blog and Instagram presence. She enjoys harmonizing with different brands to create new fashion looks and customizing her social feed. She also plans to keep her nursing license up to date.

Over the next five years, she hopes to travel more and spend time with her friends and family. Fahlsing also hopes to become a mom in the next few years.

"I love blogging and sharing pretty much everything. Clothes, beauty, food, media, fitness, travel hot spots, daily life, you name it," says Fahlsing. Both her blog and Instagram cover a wide variety of subjects. Each is well-done and very informative. Although she does not have a favorite topic, fashion will take over most of it because of her love for it.

When she is not at work or not blogging, she is most likely doing something active. Generally, yoga or running. On a chill night, you will find her watching movies (she is a huge movie buff) with her husband and dog. She also loves traveling, cooking, and spending time with friends and family.

Creating her blog and Instagram has not been without challenges. She tries to keep it fun, and without putting too much pressure on herself. "I've had many moments where I obsess over the likes and follows. This past year I allowed myself to let go of that. I don't want my Instagram/blog to be about that. I want to use it as a creative outlet," says Fahlsing. She tries to maintain a positive attitude while continuing to share her thoughts and not letting negative comments get to her.

She has also benefited from her social media platforms. Emily has partnered with several different brands, created friendships, and became part of a virtual online community. She is thankful for all the people that instant message her to thank her or offer her words of encouragement. She likes to scroll through her old articles to see how her style has changed and revisit her experiences through past photos and writings.

While growing up, Fahlsing and her sisters attended summer camp for several weeks, or sometimes an entire summer. While at camp, she would spend most of her time backpacking or canoeing. Emily says, "We carried everything on our backs in packs (cue my appreciation of Duluth Pack), and we needed that durability and stability of these packs to withstand all that nature threw our way." Upon moving to Duluth, Fahlsing checked out the Duluth Pack retail store, where she favored the versatile traditional canoe packs.


Fahlsing's favorite product has evolved as her style changes. Over time her style developed, and she fell in love with the Market Tote. "I love the canvas look and how big it is! I bring it to the gym, on trips, and can use it as a purse, it is extremely versatile!" says Fahlsing. The market tote is perfect for someone who is looking for a bag big enough to carry all the necessities plus a few more things. 

Next time you’re scouring the internet for another blog to read, head over to FahlingForFabulous, or be sure to check out Emily Fahlsing on Instagram. You might learn a thing or two from her.


Adventure on, friends!


All photos provided by Emily Fahling.

PC: Kellie Rae Studio.