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Tuff Camp Saw


SKU: SPC-1018-21

Introducing The “Tuff” Camp Saw by Spring Creek Manufacturing. This strong durable and easy to use folding camp saw is the most versatile easy to use saw on the market. Its tube spine design allows for a very strong no bend or twist motion while keeping its lightweight strong aluminum finish. The “Tuff” Camp Saw folds for easy transport, is easy to assemble and is very lightweight. The poly handle allows sure cam locking of the handle and no expansion or contraction due to moisture or the elements. This saw has a 21”, 24" or 30" blade for long draws and quick cuts. 

How to assemble: Simply lift the folded handle to clear locking peg, pull out the blade, rotate saw arms/handles all the way around, insert the blade into slots and rotate the lever 180 degrees to lock in place.


  • Aluminum – Strong and lightweight. Will never rust.
  • Tube spine – No bending or twisting, added strength.
  • Poly Handle – No expansion or contraction due to moisture or elements.
  • Foldable and compact – Saw blade is stored in tube spine for protection and compact 
  • Lightweight – Ease of portaging and reduces fatigue.
  • Large cutting stroke and depth – Allows cutting of much larger wood while camping or 
clearing trails.

    Safety: All cutting blades are sharp and manufactured to easily cut wood. Please use extreme caution and common sense when using cutting instruments. Cutting instruments can also cut you.


    21 Inch saw: Closed: 23" Long Open: 21.5" Long, 7” Cut Space

    24 Inch saw: Closed: 25.5" Long Open: 24.5" Long, 7” Cut Space.

    30 Inch saw: Closed: 31.5" Long Open: 30.5" Long, 8.5” Cut Space.

    21 Inch saw: 1.30lb

    24 Inch saw: 1.35lb

    30 Inch saw: 1.65lb

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