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How To Find the Right Made In America Duffel Bag

If you plan on traveling in the future and want a bag that's unmatched in quality, look no further. Duluth Pack has an extensive selection of duffels and travel bags that are guaranteed to last. We have you covered with everything from an overnight trip to a week-long vacation.

How to Lift A Canoe Properly

We talk a lot about being prepared for your canoe trip. Knowing what pack to bring is always important and making sure that you have a course planned out are some of the more obvious components of your excursion. One thing that often goes overlooked about your canoe trip is actually transporting your canoe. Sure, it becomes your main source of transportation when you get it in the water, but what happens if the water level is low and you need to move your canoe by land and portage? Don't worry, because today we're going to go over the basics of canoe lifting and carrying.

A Beginner's Guide to Fly Fishing

Fly fishing is a great way to experience the outdoor activity of fishing from a whole new perspective, as well as connecting with nature on a deeper level. Fly fishing is different from traditional fishing in many ways, but one of the biggest is the way the bait is utilized. In traditional fishing, the lure and bait are heavy and sink underneath the water to attract the fish. In fly fishing, the bait is lighter and built to look like insects that hang out on the surface of the water, hence the name "fly" fishing.

How To Find The Right Axe

Duluth Pack carries two iconic and quality axe brands: Hults Bruk and Gransfors Bruk. To learn more about these companies, check out Minnesota’s Logging Heritage on our blog page or click the links to go to their website. Both companies hand forge their axes in Sweeden and join Duluth Pack in being around for over 100 years. These axes are second to none in durability, quality, and performance.

A Place Called Atlas A-Frame

Here is another Good Eats concept with Duluth Pack, and this time we are utilizing duck as our main source of protein. We discovered some delicious recipes that we are excited to share with you and cannot wait for you to try them out for ourselves and let us know what you think. Here is an assortment of different duck recipes for you, grab your apron, and let's get cooking.

Boomerang Energy

Most people seek for something to help them get through the day. Coffee and, of course, energy drinks are more popular than ever before. These companies are competing to "one-up" the competition, seeing how much sugar or caffeine they can put into the drink to make it stand above the rest. Duluth native, Donny Pearson, had an idea to introduce an energy drink that went against the idea of putting harsh chemicals and substances in your body that would make you crash and fatigue

Chapter Chats: Dog Heaven

Welcome back to Duluth Pack's book club Chapter Chats discussion post! We are excited to announce our next read which is a short but sweet children's book called Dog Heaven by Cynthia Rylant. Although this read is referenced at a child's level of understanding, it still does a brilliant job of comforting all ages from young to mature who may be suffering from the loss of their companion and precious pet.

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