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Hoops Brewing Duluth Pack

Craft Beer Discussion with HOOPS Brewing

Canal Park in Duluth Minnesota is known as a tourist spot, but there are many hidden gems the locals will rave about. One of those places is Hoops Brewing located in the historic Waterfront Plaza Building in Canal Park. Hoops Brewing opened in June 2017 by owner Dave Hoops. Hoops Brewing has collaborated with Duluth Pack and created a seasonal beer called, "1882" based on the year Duluth Pack was founded. It is a delicious lager which was the beer of choice in the northland area during the late 1800's.

A Pack For Many Adventures and Generations

One of our favorite things at Duluth Pack is hearing stories about people using their packs on great adventures. These packs are sometimes very old and have been passed down from generation to generation. This story was provided to us by Ray and we felt the need to share it because of how cool the old pack looks.

Behind The Lens with Redmond Digital Media

Bobby and Mycah have been creating content for Duluth Pack for several years now, and we love working with them because the result is just so darn cool. They produced a fall video for us, showcasing some of our products, and we are in love with it. Learn more about their story and love of photography.

a long and storied history of duluth pack

A Long & Storied History

How could it be that such a minute business, located for its entire history at the same facility, in the same little city, selling backpacks could cobble its way through some of the most turbulent economic periods of human history? Let’s speculate wildly.

ready and roam blog post duluth pack

Ready and Roam

Get the best of the best with this online travel magazine curated by experienced travelers and local, well-connected experts across the globe! Where to next?
spring creek manufacturing history by duluth pack

Spring Creek Manufacturing

Spring Creek Manufacturing has been creating industrial strength products in Minnesota since 1985. From paddlesport products to transport necessities, this American-made company is high-quality and dependable.

made in america duluth pack blog post

Made In America

What does it mean to be "Made in America?" It is more than the simple yet incredible feeling of being able to state that our packs are made by hand right in Duluth, Minnesota for over 100 years. Read all about our local heritage that gives us purpose here.

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duluth pack patented 1882 by c poirier duluth minnesota

Born in the late 1800's, and raised in the northern forests of Minnesota, Duluth Pack's mission is simple and straightforward: to be there for you through all of life's adventures.

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