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Pheasant Hotdish / Casserole Recipe

Here in Minnesota, we are fans of hotdish, otherwise known as casseroles. After a day of pheasant hunting, this casserole will be a great option for your family or special occasions. It has enough to serve large gatherings or to keep for leftovers. Pheasant Casserole is an easy way to cook up your pheasant from the hunt. It's the definition of field to fork. It's low maintenance and can be made in a slow cooker so you can leave it for the day

Packing With Duluth Pack - For the Road-Tripper

This is the last post in our Packing with Duluth Pack series. In the past, we focused on The Jet-Setter and The Camper, but today’s post is for The Road-Tripper. The best thing about road tripping right now is that it might be the best choice for travel this summer. It’s distanced, it’s easy, and it’s a great way to see the continental United States on a budget.

Packing With Duluth Pack - For The Camper

The Camper is those who feel most at home going up-north for a weekend and heading to the campsite. Hiking, canoeing, sitting around the campfire, and sleeping in tents is The Camper’s idea of a fun week and vacation. Especially in the summer, campers spend a lot of their time on weekend camp trips, vacationing in the BWCAW, and relaxing with nature. If that sounds like you, we have a few recommendations for what you can pack to make your life the best it can be while camping.

Minnesota's Logging Heritage

When you think of a lumberjack, what state are you thinking of? If you said Minnesota, you’re probably in the majority. According to the old folk tale of Minnesota, it is said that the state’s 10,000+ lakes were formed by none other than Paul Bunyan with each footprint leaving another lake as he explored the state. In fact, the first documented printed story of Paul Bunyan was right here in Duluth; published by the Duluth News Tribune in 1904. Before saws and modern logging equipment, lumberjacks in Minnesota relied primarily on axes to get the job done. At Duluth Pack, we have partnered with the highest quality outdoor companies, Hults Bruk and Gransfors Bruk to remind us of Minnesota’s role in the logging industry with top-quality axes and hatchets.

The Ultimate Guide To Solo Traveling

Many people choose not to travel on their own due to the fear of being lonely while abroad. What people may not realize, solo traveling is a freeing and empowering experience. The possibilities are endless because you get to plan your itinerary. You can spend your trip doing whatever you want each day of the week. Most end up leaving their first solo travel experience learning more about themselves.

Duluth Pack's 7th Annual Beer and Gear Event

Join your friends at Duluth Pack for our first-ever virtual Beer and Gear! This year’s event will occur on Thursday, July 2nd from 5 p.m. – 8 p.m.

Beer and Gear is a fun event that Duluth Pack hosts each year to celebrate our customers and local breweries. Our Beer and Gear event brings together outdoor enthusiasts and craft beer connoisseurs alike. This year’s event will be online, as opposed to our usual in-person event, but it is still sure to be a great way to celebrate our customers, local breweries, and our brand.

How To Build A Survival Shelter In The Wilderness

If you ever find yourself getting caught up exploring the great outdoors in the wilderness, time will proceed quickly and nightfall and dusk will emerge out of complete anonymity. During the realization that you may need to spend the night in the vast and boundless wild, attempting to assimilate a survival shelter without rationality and the proper knowledge of building a secure shelter could lead to stress, anxiety, and maybe even fear of how the entirety of your night in the middle of the forest may transpire.

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