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10 Reasons to Shop Locally

Buying local is a great way to support your community and purchase high-quality goods you can trust. Supporting independent, locally-owned small businesses, rather than big corporations, helps keep your money where your heart is. The local businesses in Duluth are part of what makes the area unforgettable. Shopping at them offers an opportunity to find unique items you will not find anywhere else. There are many reasons to buy locally that all customers should be aware of no matter where they spend their money. Next time you go shopping think local and lend a hand to building the visions of the people who make your local community so memorable.

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Strengthen the local economy. When you make purchases at local stores and markets, more of your money stays in the surrounding communities. It is estimated that every dollar spent locally generates twice as much income for the local economy.

Invest in the dreams of people in your community. Not only will you be purchasing great products for yourself and your family, but you are supporting someone's vision. This encourages people to stay in the area and fosters an always welcomed and needed sense of community.  

Reduce environmental impacts. When you purchase locally, the need for excess transportation and packaging is decreased significantly. Our flagship retail store is less than a mile from our factory location, therefore, reducing the need for extreme transportation costs. Working with other American companies means we can reduce our environmental footprint and engage in sustainable practices. 

Prioritize quality over quantity. Oftentimes, items sold at local stores are not overproduced as fast as possible to keep a constant stock. Buying local, commonly ensures that a large amount of the items being sold are carefully being constructed in house. Here at Duluth Pack, we emphasize the importance of our transparent production practices and handcrafted quality of every pack we make. 

Keep the community unique. Local stores are a great place to find items you cannot find anywhere else. These one of a kind shopping experiences are what keep people coming to the area and set independent businesses apart from any big box store. 

Encourage economic growth and development. The success of small, local businesses that are already in the area encourages other entrepreneurs to come to the city and invest. People will become more interested in joining the community to work, live, and start a family when they see that the area is thriving.

Create more local jobs and business ownership. According to the U.S. Small Business Administration, small businesses employ 58.9 million people in the United States, and 1.2 million of those people are in Minnesota alone. The more local companies that are in the area, the higher the chance there is for employment closer to home. It also motivates people already part of the community to take the leap and start their own business!

Enrich your social community. Buying local means you are close to the source. This allows you to learn and interact with the hard-working individuals who are producing the products that you love and trust. For example, you can “Meet Your Craftsperson” online by finding your sewer’s name right inside your Duluth Pack and send them a thank you email!     

Know where the products you purchase come from. When you buy locally, you do not have to worry about where the products you are buying are coming from. Often you can go directly to the source of production, whether it is a factory or someone's home. At Duluth Pack, you can participate in free public factory tours where you can meet the dedicated individuals that create our products. Check out the opportunity to visit our factory to see first-hand how our packs are handcrafted. Reserve your spot for a free public tour online today!

Feel fulfilled and make a lasting impact. Knowing the products you are purchasing have a story and are fueling the dreams of others in the community makes them even more memorable and unique.  

This year, shop small and think local! Your choice to support businesses in surrounding communities makes a difference that you can see first-hand. Be a part of if this holiday season and shop at Duluth Pack! Make it even more special and stop by on Saturday, November 30th, also known as Small Business Saturday, to celebrate small businesses everywhere!

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