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BUILT – Mossy Oak

We are proud and excited to announce that Duluth Pack is the first company to be featured on Mossy Oak’s new video series “BUILT.” This is not the first time we have worked with Mossy Oak, and it will not be the last! As our President and CEO Tom Sega has said: “We could not ask for better partners or support from anyone.”

BUILT is Mossy Oak’s newest film series, featured on their network Mossy Oak GO. BUILT takes an in-depth look into iconic brands and their stories. Mossy Oak itself, an iconic brand, began in 1986 focused on creating a new type of camouflage unlike any before. From there the revolutionary pattern Mossy Oak Bottomland was born, setting them apart from all others in the industry. As part of our standing partnership with Mossy Oak, you can find the classic Mossy Oak Bottomland print as an option for almost all of our Packs!

Here at Duluth Pack, it all starts with building quality. This applies to everything we do from creating our classic packs to working with our valued partners. We look forward to the future and where we can take our partnership with Mossy Oak next!

Click HERE to watch the BUILT video featuring Duluth Pack.

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