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Chapter Chats: Dog Heaven

Duluth Pack’s Chapter Chats: Dog Heaven

Welcome back to Duluth Pack’s book club Chapter Chats discussion post! We are excited to announce our first read which is a short but sweet children’s book called Dog Heaven by Cynthia Rylant. Although this read is referenced at a child’s level of understanding, it still does a brilliant job of comforting all ages from young to mature who may be suffering from the loss of their companion and precious pet. It is a delicate, lovely, and comforting story that assists in coping and grieving with the loss of a pet. There may have been a time within your life where you have despairingly experienced the loss of your pet. This book will bring the reader on a tale of all of the special entities a dog gets to enjoy after passing away and living in dog heaven. They include; soft beds made out of clouds, unlimited amounts of treats and belly scratches, along with large expansions of fields that they get to run free within. This story will comfort your children as they learn about the new life their dog is living, along with helping you manage this tragic experience as positive as possible. If you are a dog lover or know of anyone suffering through a similar experience, check out this comforting story that will guide you through the loss of your family’s best friend.

We advocate for discussion with one another about the book itself, along with the experience you felt while reading the story, as well as reflecting upon your own life’s adventure. After you complete this warm and comforting read, Dog Heaven, here are some discussion questions to engage and ponder with yourself, family, children, anyone experiencing a loss of their pet:

  1. What was the favorite thing about your dog who is now continuing their life in Dog Heaven?
  2. What is your favorite story/moment with your pet?
  3. Described in the story, what are you most excited for your dog to experience while being in Dog Heaven?

We hope you enjoy our next #ChapterChats discussion brought to you by Duluth Pack! Watch out for more updates and release of our next book club selection, but until then buckle down with your family or children and read Dog Heaven by Cynthia Rylant and enjoy the heartfelt story. Also, if you have any recommendations for good reads that we can add to the Duluth Pack Book Club reader’s list, or you would like to share your thoughts on this selection with us, give us a shout at [email protected]! (P.S. Cynthia Rylant also has written a children’s book called Cat Heaven for all of the cat lovers out there!)

Happy reading friends, until next time!


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