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Dad’s Day Gift Series: For the Fisherman

Today, for our Father’s Day Gift Guide, we are going to focus on The Fisherman. This is the dad who gets up at the crack of dawn, ready for a serene morning on the boat. Fishing is dear to many of us here in Minnesota. In the land of 10,000+ lakes, fishing can be a way of life. Those early mornings on the boat with our dad are some fond memories that many of us share. Listening to the water quietly lapping around the boat, waiting for the fish to bite is an experience that provided many of us with peace and tranquility as we fished with our father.

Being able to gift your dad with something that will fulfill his love of fishing is a great option this Father’s Day. Here at Duluth Pack, we have many recommendations for our fishing dads to make their Father’s Day special. We have gifts that we know will satisfy his fishing trips for the whole summer, and beyond.

Tackle Box: Perhaps the most important part of any fisherman’s supplies would be his tacklebox, second only to his fishing pole. Try out our Mini Tackle Box which will help your dad organize and hold his tackle. This tackle box is lightweight and won’t take too much space when he goes fishing. Perfect for those lighter fishing days, and it is sure to withstand water exposure. If the Mini Tackle Box doesn’t seem that it will hold all your dad’s supplies, try our Soft-Sided Tackle Box for more space. Either way, we know that your big man will love one of these gifts.

Lure Locker: The best thing your dad didn’t know he needed. This Lure Locker will help your pops keep his lure from getting snagged. It will make sure there are no hooks exposed from his fishing pole. He can easily fold the lure locker over his rod and lure, and the hooks are no longer exposed. If there are grandkids in the picture, this lure locker would be a lifesaver for your dad.

Fish Batter: Arguably, one of the best parts of fishing is getting to indulge in the best catches of the day. There is nothing like fresh fish straight from the lake after a hard day’s work. Gift your dad some Fish Batter to make his catch of the day delicious for the whole family.

If you are still unsure what to do, think about getting your dad a Duluth Pack e-gift card so that he can decide his gift for himself. You can also check out our Gifts For Him gift guide, or even our previous Father’s Day Gift Guides for The Griller and The Hunter.

Happy shopping, friends!

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