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Dad’s Day Gift Series: For the Handyman

For today’s Father’s Day Gift Guide, we are exploring the world of the Handyman. For many, our father is the house’s designated handyman, woodworker, plumber, and more. Sometimes this is out of necessity, but for a lot of our dads, working with tools is a hobby they love to fill their time with. Many of our dads have their own makeshift workshop in the garage, in the shed, or even just outside. Their workshop is their happy place, a place where they can relax and put their mind to work. They can watch something be built or fixed right before their eyes.

Your friends at Duluth Pack have some recommendations to enhance the handyman in your life’s experience in their workshop.

Apron: We recommended our Canvas Apron for dad’s who are grillers in our post about The Griller, but this apron is versatile. Many of our customers use this apron while woodworking and using tools. This apron is durable and can be bought in different lengths to fit your dad’s needs. For the Handyman, we recommend the short apron which goes down to the hips, as it is perfect for woodworking and even gardening.

Utensil Roll: This is another product we recommended in our post about The Griller. Once again, however, this is a versatile product. The Utensil Roll will keep all your dad’s tools compact and intact. There are specific pockets that your dad can hold all his tools within the roll, and it will keep his workshop a bit more organized.

Sweatshirt: If your dad lives in Minnesota or any other state that’s just as cold, layering up is a necessity when working long hours in the garage or the shed. Gift your dad the Duluth Pack Logo Sweatshirt. This sweatshirt will keep him warm through those chilly fall nights and early spring mornings. The stylish sweatshirt is something that your old man will appreciate for years to come.

Mug: For the busier dad, sometimes the only time they can find to work in their shop is those early mornings on the weekend. To stay awake, fuel your pop’s need for coffee with our Campfire Mug. This ceramic mug emulates the tin camp mugs from the past but is heavy-duty and sure to last years. Throw in some Paddler’s Blend Coffee coffee and it will be the perfect gift for the perfect dad.

If you’re still unsure of what to do, you can read our previous posts about The Griller, The Hunter, and The Fisherman to find some more gifts that might fit your dad’s interests. You could also consider getting him an e-gift card so he can decide on a gift for himself. No matter what, we know a gift from Duluth Pack will be well appreciated by your dad on his special day.

Happy shopping, friends.

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