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DIY Chunky Blanket

Even though it’s summer here in Duluth, we still get some chilly days that make us all want to crawl under a warm blanket with a good book. For days like this, we’re hailing all our crafty friends by providing you a fun and easy chunky blanket tutorial that just about anyone can do. The great thing about chunky blankets is that it doesn’t require previous knitting experience because it doesn’t require knitting needles at all. You can knit your blanket exclusively with your hands and arms, making it a digestible project for beginners. Let’s get started on your own DIY Chunky Knit Blanket!

First, Set the Stage.

Get into the crafty mood by putting on some calming tunes and making yourself a nice cup of coffee or hot chocolate. Get in your most comfortable clothing, like sweatpants and some warm slippers or socks. These small steps will get you comfortable before your crafting session and will allow you to center your focus on the task at hand.

One of the most important steps in crafting the perfect chunky blanket is getting some high-quality chunky yarn. Buying high-quality yarn is crucial if you want to make a nice and soft blanket. To find how much yarn you’ll need for your chunky blanket, you can quickly find out with a simple Google search. It all depends on personal preference for the size you seek to achieve.

Making the Blanket

Unwrap all your yarn and make sure it is untangled prior to moving to next step. This will make it easier down the line when you are stitching your blanket since your arms are going to be caught up making the actual covering. The easiest thing to do is to put your pile of wool on the floor in front of you.

After all your yarn is unwrapped, you’ll want to crochet a simple chain. To do so, you’ll want to start by making a slip knot with the yarn. Then, pull your yarn through to create a stitch. Continue to do this until you have reached your preferred width. Flip the chain over.

The right side should have a loop from the chain you created; angle that loop upwards. Find the loops in the middle of each chain “link” and pull your yarn through each one. This will create a braided effect.

And then repeat. One important note is that you will want to skip the first stitch in each row. This will make your edges neater and continue the braided effect. To finish off your blanket, loop the tail ends of your blanket through the holes in the blanket.

If you learn more visually, your friends at Duluth Pack recommend checking out Wool Art and Instructables for their great visual tutorials on making a chunky blanket.

Enjoy Your Blanket!

One of the best things about chunky blankets is that it takes less time than other knitted items. When people get more experienced, they can even finish them in as little as 45 minutes. Not only is it a quick and fun craft to do on a rainy day, but it also is incredibly cozy and is sure to keep you warm. It also makes for a great birthday and holiday present.

If you aren’t feeling particularly crafty, consider investing in a nice wool blanket instead. It’ll keep you just as warm, without all the work.

Happy knitting, friends.

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