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Duluth Pack Dog: Voted America’s Favorite Dog – The Labrador Retriever

Voted America’s Favorite Dog – The Labrador Retriever

From pugs to poodles to pointers, we dearly love our four-legged friends. No matter the breed, size, or shape, we adore our canine companions for their unique and special personalities. There are countless breeds out there; we want to hone in on one breed in particular: the Labrador Retriever.

A magnificent dog, Labs weigh roughly 55-80 pounds, a medium-sized dog that comes in yellow, black, or chocolate. This dog breed is known for its sturdy frame and broad wagging tale. These dogs are very energetic and playful. Labs are relatively easy to train and are a good option for families.

The breed originated during the early 1800s in Newfoundland, a Canadian province. Fishermen in the North Atlantic needed a work dog that could fetch and carry their supplies like fish, nets, and boat lines. Labrador Retrievers were ideal for the job – their thick and sturdy coats allowed them to stay warm in the icy cold waters. They were great swimmers and lovable companions.

Though their beginnings arise from Canada, the breed was made popular in England. Labs were recognized as favorable hunting dogs because of their retrieving and swimming ability. The breed became famous for hunting, and that legacy continues today.

Today, Labrador Retrievers are still well-known for their amazing hunting capabilities. Since they are so easy to train, they follow hunting commands very well. After generations of retrieving skills, they are skillful as bird dogs and are equipped to swim when retrieving game. Labs are known for working hard and wanting to please their owners. They are an excellent choice for anyone interested in owning a hunting dog.

As of 1991, Labrador Retrievers are reported as the most popular dog breed in America. For a top-notch American dog, make sure you have top-notch “Made in America dog gear.” Duluth Pack has countless pet gear items and accessories for any adventure.

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Happy adventuring, friends!

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