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Duluth Pack’s Sustainability Promise

Sustainability is a trend taking over our feeds and the world. To limit it to just a trend, however, might be a little reductive. For over a century, Duluth Pack products have been built to last a lifetime.

One common issue with sustainable living is maintaining quality goods that can live with you, through thick and thin. Because our bags are made with the highest quality materials that are built to last, and can be repaired if needed, a well-maintained Duluth Pack is a great sustainability tool.

Sustainable materials are another focus for eco-focused living. Duluth Pack’s classic packs are built with durable cotton-duck canvas, a renewable plant source of fabric. Unlike synthetic and semi-synthetic materials like polyester and nylon, canvas does not need petroleum and other fossil fuel derivatives to be created. This makes it better for the environment, both as a renewable resource and as a low-emission material.

Leather products and accents found on Duluth Packs are made with leather that would otherwise go to waste as a byproduct of the meat industry. Sourced from the Midwest and tanned in the Midwest, the ecological footprint of our leather is lower than most products as it has less distance to travel to Duluth. By using leather, Duluth Pack is remaining focused on quality as well as sustainability.

The footprint of Duluth Pack is small because we stay local. We source materials from the US, whether it’s our leather, canvas, or wool, all while maintaining the standard of quality people expect from Duluth Pack. Being based in Duluth, Minnesota, we’re perfectly positioned to move between our factory, distribution center, offices, and retail store without leaving town, a steep contrast between many companies who ship products cross country (or even overseas) before selling it.

An important facet to sustainability is waste. Duluth Pack is committed to reducing waste in the manufacturing process. Scrap canvas and leather from our manufacturing process is sold to local artisans and DIY makers, reducing waste and continuing the cycle of locally sourced sustainability.

The way our bags are made and sold is another important facet to Duluth Pack’s ecological footprint. Made in Minnesota, they are lower emission in distribution to the US and North America than packs made across the ocean. Additionally, the handcrafted nature of our packs, made using the same techniques since the conception of the company, is better for the environment and for workers than the latest factory-style manufacturing processes.

As eco-consumerism continues to become a focus for the public, Duluth Pack remains committed to our principles. Throughout our history, we’ve remained ecologically conscious, regardless of trends, and we have no plans to change.

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