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Gift Guides for The Entrepreneur, The Adventurer, The Host, and The Couple

Everyone knows someone who is a master of gift-giving. What a talent, to be able to find something thoughtful and personal for everyone you love! On the other end of the spectrum, there are people who find the whole gift-finding process more than a little overwhelming. There are so many options! If you’ve ever walked into a store the day before a holiday, found the first employee you saw, and begged, “help me!” you’re probably in this category.

Well, worry not— we have your back. We’ve put together twelve excellent gift guides to help you find the perfect present for everyone in your life. We worked long and hard on each of these, and we’ve specialized every single one for a different personality. This year, finding the perfect gifts will be easy.

So whether you’re a king of gift-giving looking to keep your crown, or if you find yourself overwhelmed by the options, we have something for everyone.

This gift guide blog will explain the products we’ve chosen for The Entrepreneur, The Adventurer, The Host, and The Couple. Stay tuned for even more!

Shop for the Entrepreneur

The entrepreneur is always prepared. This is someone who works on-the-go, someone who takes pride in professionalism, someone who knows the value of staying organized. We’ve chosen the Entrepreneur Briefcase for this hard-working professional. It’s the ideal blend of form and function for businesspeople, with the sleek aesthetic of our top-selling Executive Briefcase and the zipper closure security of our Freelance Briefcase design. This way, your entrepreneur can carry all their things in style, on their commute, through their travels, and anywhere their business takes them.

Sometimes you don’t need an entire briefcase for your purposes, though, and we have a solution for that, too. The Document Brief, which is perfect for carrying files, papers, and writing pads without the bulk of an entire briefcase. Like all our products, it’s made of tough, quality material, and looks amazing.

Duluth Pack’s handcrafted Travel Valet can be a lifesaver for someone on-the-go. There’s nothing worse than losing your keys, cards, or money while you’re traveling, so any entrepreneur will greatly appreciate this choice of gift.

Finally, every professional needs a good place to write down their notes and spur-of-the-moment ideas. We recommend our Leather Journal. It’s stylish, it’s made of premium leather, it’ll last for a long time, it’s refillable, and it’ll make all of their co-workers jealous. Nothing screams “professional” like a classy leather journal, and you can bet that this one is made with that legendary Duluth Pack quality.

Shop for the Adventurer

Do you know someone who loves to hit the trails? Or how about the water? The adventurer loves the challenge of trekking through the wilderness—whether that means hiking the mountains, canoeing the Boundary Waters, or exploring wherever they go.

We’ve chosen our favorite outdoor pack, The Wanderer, for this free-spirited friend. It’s so useful! It’s uber-protective, it has roomy water-bottle pockets, and there’s an easy-to-access front pocket for cameras, maps, phones, snacks, or anything else you need to grab on-the-fly. It’s great for work or school, too.

Think your adventurer friend might want something even more versatile? We recommend our Deluxe Roll-Top Scout. Its rolling top makes it uber-adjustable, it has easy-access zippered pockets, and its sleek design makes it perfect for mountain-bikers, commuters, and students. Plus, it has a sturdy reinforced leather bottom with hand-cut details. Deluxe, indeed!

Shop for the Host

The host is someone who loves to provide for their friends, and now it’s your turn to give back with something they’ll truly appreciate. The greatest gift you can give to a giver is something that helps them do what they love, and that’s why we’ve chosen our fantastic Canvas Apron. It’s extremely durable, which makes it the ideal apron for woodworking, cooking, gardening, and even industrial use—it comes in three sizes, so you can decide how much coverage your host or hostess needs.

If your host or hostess prefers craft brews or enjoys sharing them, they’ll love the Growler Pack! It’s made of durable canvas and makes transporting growlers anywhere easy. You can attach it to a bike or wear it with a strap.

It’s so fun to host an outdoor party for friends, and these products are all designed and chosen with that idea in mind. We hope you and your favorite host have a great time bundled up around a grill or campfire, sharing some drinks and treats.

Shop for the Couple

It can be tricky to find the perfect gifts for a pair, so we’ve done it for you. The couple could be your parents, newlywed friends, in-laws, or favorite pair of hosts. We’ve decided that the Fanny Pack would make a perfect gift for the couple – it comes in multiple sizes. It’s perfect for outdoor exploration or travel. We also recommend the Leather Passport Wallet, which is protective and stylish for the couple planning a trip around the globe.

The Luggage Tag, constructed of premium leather, is also great for travelers (and may even encourage your favorite couple to visit you more). It’s beautiful and practical, and the durable leather construction will keep this tag holding tight wherever it goes.

The Couple is also sure to love the Growler Tote. They can use this to carry a 64 oz growler anywhere, and it’s perfect for adventures of all kinds.

Any of these gifts are certain to impress the special couple in your life. Treat them this holiday season!

There’s more to come! If you don’t see your friend or loved one in any of these categories, check out our blog for The Trend-Setter, Sportsman/Sportswoman, Athlete, and Jetsetter; or our blog for The Guys, The Gals, The Kids, and The Furry Friend.

Merry Christmas from Duluth Pack!

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