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Gift Guides for the Guys, the Gals, the Kids, and the Furry Friend

The holiday season is finally upon us, and everyone is looking for gifts. We’ve put together twelve excellent gift guides to help you find the perfect present for everyone in your life. We worked long and hard on each of these, and we’ve specialized every single one for a different personality. This year, finding the perfect gifts will be easy.

This gift guide blog will explain the products we’ve chosen for The Guys, The Gals, The Kids, and The Furry Friend. Check out our other gift guide blogs for even more!

The Guys

We’ve chosen some of our most fashionable, top-selling products in men’s styles for the guys. The Deluxe Laptop Backpack is a handsome, rugged pack with a great better-with-age aesthetic. The gorgeous leather front pocket is as durable as it is eye-catching. This is a versatile pack, and it’s just as at home in the library as it is on the trails.

The Safari Duffel will look great as a part of any man’s wardrobe. Show off the classic Duluth Pack look in the form of a convenient duffel with this excellent bag! With two ways to carry and a double-reinforced bottom, men will find The Safari Duffel endlessly useful.

The Large Grab-N-Go is another great way to showcase the timeless Duluth Pack aesthetic, but its compact size makes it perfect for carrying small items like tools, medication, gear, cosmetics, toiletries, etc.

Finally, the Bison Leather Wallet is a must-have for any fashionable guy. This quintessential piece looks fantastic, feels amazing, and will hold all your cards and cash safely. It comes in bi-fold and tri-fold designs, and the American bison leather is absolutely stunning to look at.

The Gals

Women’s fashion pieces are notorious for falling apart as soon as you use them—but not these products. We could never sacrifice quality for looks with any of our beautiful items for the gals, though they do look amazing. The Deluxe Market Tote is classically elegant, handcrafted, and extremely durable in the grand Duluth Pack tradition. The reinforced leather bottom will protect this tote for years of heavy use.

The Bison Leather Shell Purse is essentially the be-all-end-all of purses, made from rugged, durable, locally sourced bison leather fashioned into an iconic shell purse design. The gals will love this timeless purse, which works as a gear or camera bag on adventures or as a robust, gorgeous fashion piece around town.

We also recommend the Deluxe Grab-N-Go Purse, which is compact, but roomy inside for all of your essentials. It boasts the Duluth Pack logo and classic aesthetic. This purse is practical, handsome, and versatile, and it’s certain to be a perfect daily companion for the gals.

The Travel Kit Bag is another great product for the ladies. It’s perfect for storing everything from work tools and gear to makeup and toiletries, and it’s another lovely leather item, so it’s durable and elegant. This bag is perfect for any woman on the go.

The Kids

Every kid needs a good backpack. Kids’ backpacks follow them through their school days, after-school activities, travel, play, and everywhere else they tread. With this in mind, we recommend gifting the kids a backpack that will last through all their adventures. Duluth Pack’s historic Child’s Packs were first introduced in the 1920s, and they have been popular items ever since. The Child’s Pack comes in two styles—Box Style and Envelope Style—and both of them are fantastic for school, play, and outdoor activities.

For travel, storage, and quick transport, we suggest the Drawstring Backpack. Kids can use this to carry all their favorite things wherever they may roam. It’s great as a gym bag for sports, or as a convenient carry bag for camping or other fun family activities.

Finally, the Mini Game Pack is a necessity for camping trips, rainy days at the cabin, and long car trips. This adorable tiny pack is made of the same durable canvas that we use to make our full-sized bags, and it comes with a miniature cribbage board, pegs, a set of five dice, and a pack of playing cards. Everything fits nicely inside! This bag will provide hours of entertainment for kids and grown-ups alike.

The Furry Friend

Let’s be honest here—everyone knows that gifts for a dog are really gifts for the dog owner. So while, perhaps, a dog may not appreciate the genius and craftsmanship of a premium Portable Pet Bowl, their owner certainly will. And the dog will absolutely appreciate being able to get a nice, cool drink or a tasty meal on the go with this portable canvas pet bowl. It’s perfect for hiking, adventuring, camping, and traveling with pets. It’s easily packable and water-sealed on the inside, and it can attach to a backpack, belt, or leash. This is a perfect gift for anyone who loves to take their dog on adventures. For holding and transporting treats, we recommend the Pet Treat Bag, which is also nylon-lined on the inside. It has the same features as the Portable Pet Bowl, but even more packable!

We’ve also chosen the Pet Collar and Pet Harness, which are both made from thick, sturdy nylon web, and which feature a unique Duluth Pack web pattern. These will both look great with the Duluth Pack Leather Leash, which comes in brown and black.

The winter months can be tough on dog feet, so we recommend the Duluth Pack Dog Boots. They run in sizes from XXX-Small to X-Large, so every dog is covered. Keep your dog’s feet safe this winter!

For keeping the rest of the dog warm, we have the Dog Coat. It’s made of high-quality waxed canvas with a soft wool interior and has a paraffin wax coating to wick moisture off of your dog. This coat protects dogs from brush, snow, and wind. A must-have for any dog or dog owner.

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Happy Holidays!

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