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Gift Guides for The Trend-Setter, The Sportsman or Sportswoman, The Athlete, and The Jet-Setter

This winter season, we’ve put together twelve excellent gift guides to help you find the perfect present for everyone in your life. We worked long and hard on each of these, and we’ve specialized every single one for a different personality. This year, finding the perfect gifts will be easy.

This gift guide blog will explain the products we’ve chosen for The Trend-Setter, The Sportsman or Sportswoman, The Athlete, and The Jet-Setter. Stay tuned for even more!

Shop for the Trend-Setter

We’ve selected several of our most popular and eye-catching items for the trend-setters you know. You know your friend is a trend-setter on sight – if they’re fashionable, have a great eye for quality, and an unstoppable sense of personal style. Your trend-setter friend will love the Bison Leather Lakewalk Tote. It’s made from gorgeous, premium, locally-sourced bison leather, and it’s as durable as it is stunning to look at.

Duluth Pack products are known for their quality, but also their iconic look. The Olive Drab Sportsman’s Tote is a perfect marriage of the classic Duluth Pack aesthetic and sleek, fashionable, modern tote design. The trend-setter will love the timeless elegance of this piece, as well as its practicality and durability.

We recommend the Sportsman’s Garment Bag for the trend-setter on the go. It’s a perfect travel bag for clothes, with metal hanging hooks for easy loading and unloading. It’s also made from sturdy, rugged canvas, so you can take it anywhere.

Finally, the smallest of our selections: The Classic Wool Deluxe Grab-N-Go Purse. Trend-Setters will appreciate the gorgeous, rugged look of the classic wool, the comfort of the premium leather shoulder strap, and the versatility of this little beauty. It’s great for carrying phones, wallets, makeup, and other crucial items during a night out or a daytime walk.

Shop for the Sportsman & Sportswoman

A good sportsman or sportswoman needs to be prepared for everything the elements have to throw at them and we have them covered. Whether it is fishing or hunting they prefer, we have the products they desire. Our Boot Duffel is sturdy, rugged, and ideal for traveling with gear. It’s specially designed to carry a fresh set of clothes separately from muddy boots and gear so that you’re always prepared.

The All-Day Lumbar Pack was also designed specifically for sportsmen and sportswomen. It’s made to be comfortable, practical, and worn all day long on outdoor adventures. We listened to hunters and built the perfect pack for their needs, so your sport hunter friends will certainly love this incredible gift.

The Sling Pack is one of our most efficient packs, and it’s great for anyone out hunting or fly-fishing specifically. It’s accessible with zippered pockets and roomy storage spaces, which makes it ideal for carrying essentials. It’s super comfortable, too.

Any fly-fisher will appreciate our Fly Wallet. Its interior is made of soft Sherpa, great for storing fishing flies, and its exterior is sturdy durable canvas. It’s lightweight, and it comes in bi-fold and tri-fold varieties, depending on your needs. Your fly-fisher friend will be able to transport their flies easily and keep them close at hand. You never know when you’re going to have a great fishing opportunity, and keeping those flies close at hand is the key to maximizing potential. Your friend will thank you!

The Bushcrafter is a heavy-duty pack with a heavy-duty job, but it won’t feel heavy on your friend’s shoulders with its compression straps and waist belt for stability and comfort. The Bushcrafter is meant for navigating thick bush, which means it has a taller, thinner design, and compartments for a folding saw and replacement blades, as well as an axe sleeve. This pack has so many useful technical features that the best way to see how perfect it is for sportsmen and sportswomen is to just go ahead to the Duluth Pack catalog listing and look at the photos for yourself. It truly is the ultimate sportsperson pack. If you have a friend or family member who doesn’t have The Bushcrafter yet this holiday season, now is the time to gift one to them—they deserve it!

Shop for the Athlete

The athlete is an inspirational person, always pushing their limits and training to improve their skills. They earned some great tools to help them continue their passions. We recommend the Gym Bag, which (like its larger counterpart, the Boot Duffel) is made for transporting a clean set of clothes alongside gear. It’s meant to separate gym shoes and socks from going-around-town clothes for the fitness-guru on the go, which they’ll love.

If your athletic friend likes a more traditional look, our Round Duffel is perfect for them. It’s durable, simple, and classic, and it’s got a lot of space for traveling with more gear. Efficiency, pure and simple.

Maybe you think they’d like something more versatile. The Market Tote makes an excellent workout bag, but it’s also great for any other situation, as well. It could be a grocery bag one day, a book bag the next, and it could accompany your friend to their daily work-out in-between. The Market Tote is an all-purpose gem, but the athlete will find it particularly useful.

The Roll-Top Scout is another excellent bag for gym gear, but this one is built to be worn as a backpack. It’s small and lightweight, but it comes with extra canvas on the top so that it can hold as much gear as you need it to. Joggers and bikers will love this bag.

Shop for the Jet-Setter

This person may travel for work, or they may simply love flying around the world to visit new places. The person in your life who finds themselves traveling often will greatly appreciate Duluth Pack’s specially-made bag for flying: The Jet-Setter. It’s convertible with three ways to carry, with several pockets for organizing items and accessing them based on need. Flying can be a hassle, but The Jet-Setter takes so much pressure off of organizing and transporting items. This is an excellent gift for any frequent flier.

We also recommend the Weekender Duffel, which is made to be carry-on luggage. It’s tough, roomy, but small enough to fit in overhead storage. It has two ways to carry and multiple pockets for organization. We designed this item with flying in mind, and it’s perfect for any traveler.

Your traveling friend will never want to part with the Leather Travel Kit Bag, which is made to transport any toiletries, shaving razors, medicine, makeup, and any other small everyday items they might need. It’s made of beautiful, durable leather, so it’s not only efficient and practical but also dapper.

Another excellent small bag is the Sportsman’s Kit Bag, which is also made to organize toiletries, but in a canvas bag with our classic Duluth Pack logo and aesthetic.

Anyone who travels will make great use of these gifts, and they’ll appreciate you for it this holiday season.

There’s more to come! If you don’t see your friend or loved one in any of these categories, check out our blog for The Guys, The Gals, The Kids, and The Furry Friend, or our blog for The Entrepreneur, The Adventurer, The Host, and The Couple.

Merry Christmas from Duluth Pack!

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