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Holiday Gift Guide: For the Hiker

Don’t forget about the hiker during the holidays. Duluth Pack carries the proper equipment for hiking to provide the best overall outdoor experience. From the blacktop to the backcountry, we’ve got the gift guide to make sure the hiker in your life is set up nicely for their adventures.


A hiker’s pack might be the most important item for their journey. A good pack ensures it can carry a large load comfortably filled with all the essentials for the hiker’s specific needs. There should be elements of accessibility in the pack that gives way to organizing items and managing the setup. Don’t worry, our packs do all of that and more:

For the Day Hiker

These are for the people who love to pack all their miles into one day. These American Made packs are the ideal size for a day-long hike with adequate space to get them there and back.

Sling Pack: 16-liter capacity. Perfect size for a day-hike. Our versatile Sling Pack will help your hiker get there in back in style and ease. The elastic cording on the outside gives space to hold a light jacket or hoodie for the chillier, potential rain type hikes.

Ranger: An all-around backpack. A great way to introduce yourself and a hiker to our packs. This product is suitable for all ages at a price you’ll love without sacrificing an ounce of quality.

For the Weekend Warrior

Packs for the hiker who hits the trail hard when their schedule permits it.

Wanderer: Our bestselling pack for hiking and outdoor adventures. This pack was handcrafted for weekends spent on trails or by the lake. The last hiking pack they’ll ever need, whew, what a gift that’d be.

Roll-Top Scout Pack: The Roll-Top was given its name for its function. Variable-capacity makes it easy for the hiker to decide how much gear they need, and then pack accordingly. It fits snugly against the back and won’t be outlasted on the trail.

For the Backcountry

Bushcrafter: Bushcraft is defined as the skill of living in the bush, and this pack was made for that. Massive with specially designed pockets and fitting if the hiker in your life will be spending a few days on backcountry trails. Ensure they have the proper gift with capabilities to pack their survival gear effectively.


Along with the packs a hiker chooses to use on their adventure, their apparel is of equal importance. Hikers need gear that battles the potential elements that can occur while out in the wilderness. We’ve got it:

Logo Sweatshirt: Layering essential. Keep it stashed in the pack.

Darn Tough Micro Crew Socks: If the military uses Darn Tough Socks, why wouldn’t your favorite trail-hitter? This is a perfect gift for the adventurer to keep their feet dry, warm, and comfortable on all their journeys. Plus, they are Made in the USA.

Duluth Pack Logo Beanie: Made from sustainable cotton, keep a hiker’s head warm without sacrificing style.

We hope this guide will assist you in finding a meaningful, long-lasting gift for your favorite outdoor enthusiasts. For the holidays, treat a hardworking hiker with hardworking gear from Duluth Pack. These products were designed with them in mind in order to amplify the experience of the great outdoors. ‘Tis the season!

Happy Holiday Gift-Guide shopping, friends!

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