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Host the Ultimate Summer BBQ

Summer is here and with that, so are backyard barbeques. The smell of burgers on the grill mixed with the chatter of friends and family makes for the perfect weekend activity. The goal is to, of course, focus on fun and avoid stress, but that is not always the case. So how can you avoid the dreaded ‘am I really prepared’ feeling, that rolls around every time you host? You want your party to stand out and make your house be the place to be? Here are some fresh ideas to make your next backyard BBQ be a hit.

Delegate the work. Preparing and planning for your summer event is already putting enough on your plate. When it comes to getting everything done, don’t go at it alone! Ask close friends, family, or a significant other for help to ensure everything will go smoothly.

It is all in the food. Try a new simple recipe or add something different to your favorite recipes. Parties are a great time to experiment with making something new. You can receive thoughts from multiple people at once and find out right away if what you made is a keeper!

Get the right gear. Check yes to getting yourself an apron this grilling season. Keep all those unwanted stains away by completely taking away the worry of getting barbeque sauce all over your new dress or favorite top. Protect and keep all your grilling tools in one spot by storing them in a utensil roll. This will prevent you from losing them and keep them conveniently together.

Friends and Family. Invite friends, yes even if they are from different friend groups and family to your event. This is the perfect opportunity to let the people you care about meet each other in a low-pressure, fun environment. Long gone are the days where you have to choose hanging out with one friend group over the other.

Keep the bugs away. Unchecked mosquitoes will have everyone desperately wishing they were inside instead of out. Make sure to have a few bottles of bug spray laying around for yourself and those who may have forgotten theirs to use. Go a step further in your mosquito protection by setting up citronella candles and burners in central areas of the yard and using a backyard bug control fogger.

Let the music flow. Create a playlist with the classics, or choose an already curated playlist by your friends here at Duluth Pack. You can’t go wrong playing great upbeat songs almost everyone will know. Mix in a few newer songs every once and a while, and you are set for the night. If you don’t have your own speakers, borrow a pair and be sure not to blast them too loud!

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