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How To Customize Your Duluth Pack with a Monogram Using Embroidery

Duluth Pack is proud to highlight its embroidery options for all its guaranteed-for-life bags and packs.  Each Duluth Pack is handcrafted with detail and care to create a bag that was made just for you. Now Duluth Pack has added embroidery to its offering so your bag can be truly made just for you.

Duluth Pack’s Embroidery Options

When you choose to embroider your Duluth Pack you have several choices for color, font, and text. Choose between Garamond, Book Script, and block lettering as your font choice for your embroidery. Duluth Pack will place the embroidery to ensure that your embroidery is in the ideal location. After choosing your Duluth Pack bag and font, you can choose your thread color to compliment your bag color. You can choose from three thread colors including black, brown, and a light beige. Duluth Pack’s embroidery options are designed for monogramming. This is why Duluth Pack offers the choice of using up to three letters in all capitals for embroidering your Duluth Pack bag. All monogrammed bags are made from scratch in order to place the embroidery in the right location. For that reason, Duluth Pack cannot monogram bags that have already been created and all monogrammed Duluth Packs are final sale.

Monogramming Rules

Monogramming has been around for many years as a traditional way to personalize gift giving and has some traditional rules that you may not know. Duluth Pack has provided a list of some of the most common ways to monogram your Duluth Pack bag. You can monogram a majority of Duluth Pack manufactured products and it is most commonly seen on luggage, briefcases, backpacks, and other lifestyle packs.

Traditional Monogram

Traditional monogramming for an individual follows this structure for initials. The first initial from the first name, followed by the first letter of the last name, and then the first initial of the middle name. When doing a traditional monogram, the last name initial can be larger than the other two initials. Some choose to put the last name initial larger because it can highlight the importance of the last name and create balance.

Three Letter Monogram

A three-letter monogram is commonly seen today and features a different structure from a traditional monogram. This abbreviation style has the first initial each of the first name, the middle name, and then the last name. These go in order and do not have any variation in font size. If there is no middle name or you simply do not want to include the middle name you can also do a two letter monogram. A two letter monogram includes the initials of the first and last name in order. These initials should also be the same font size.

Multiple Middle Name Monogram

In the same way that some people have multiple first names, there are also those that have multiple middle names. This can sometimes be seen when folks get married and choose to move their maiden name to become another middle name. When doing a multiple middle name monogram all the letters should be the same font size and should be in order from first to last name.

Traditional Couple Monogram

If you are gifting a piece of monogrammed Duluth Pack luggage to a couple, a traditional couple monogram may be a great choice to personalize the piece. Monogramming a bag a great way to personalize a gift. You can use a traditional couple monogram on a wedding gift, for anniversaries, or for other special celebrations! For a traditional couple monogram, the woman’s first name’s initial goes first and is followed by the couple’s last name initial in a larger font and is completed with the man’s initial from his first name. Are you gifting a piece of luggage that is monogrammed for a wedding? If so, you should check to ensure that you have the correct new last name prior to monogramming.

Now you know more about the common monograms we see today. You can use this knowledge to select the best choice for your Duluth Pack bag. Create your custom bag to bring that extra level of personalization to your luggage, briefcases or lifestyle pack today. You can also monogram a special gift and give them a custom piece that lasts a lifetime. Find your ideal bag and contact Duluth Pack Customer Service team for the next steps of personalizing your pack!

Happy Shopping, friends!

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