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How to Find the Right Gun Case

Living in the upper Midwest gives us plenty of opportunities to interact with nature. Fishing, camping, canoeing, hiking, and of course, hunting are all perfect examples of things to do. There are nearly 500,000 registered firearm deer hunters alone each year in the state of Minnesota. This doesn’t even consider fowl and other small game hunters. It’s no secret that hunting and shooting sports are a big part of Minnesota’s wilderness. As a result, Duluth Pack saw an opportunity to use our resources to help protect our customers’ firearms and supplies.

The safe transport of firearms is taken seriously in the state. It’s not only lawful to transport your firearm in a proper case, but it also protects your firearm from damage and dirt while in transit. Lucky for you, we are aware of this demand, and are putting our top-quality materials into the perfect gun cases.

Most modern firearms are grouped into three main classes: shotguns, rifles, and handguns. Each case we offer is specifically contoured to meet the requirements and dimensions of almost all these types of firearms.

Shotgun cases:

We offer a variety of different shotgun cases including leather, 15 oz cotton duck canvas with quality linings, wool for extra moisture-wicking, and even floating cases ideal for duck hunters. All shotgun cases come in lengths anywhere from 43-55 inches to make sure your firearm will fit properly. It is recommended that you purchase a gun case that is 4 inches longer than your shotgun to ensure a proper fit.

Rifle cases:

Duluth Pack rifle cases closely resemble the shotgun cases as far as materials. They come in 15oz canvas, high-quality wool, or premium leather construction. Micro-suede or Sherpa lining will cushion your firearm and protect it from bumps and scratches while wicking any moisture that may have found its way inside. Each case features a high quality outdoor specific zipper that is less likely to break, and less likely to scratch and damage your firearm. Plus, all of Duluth Pack’s manufactured items come with a lifetime guarantee on all craftsmanship and hardware, which includes our zippers.

Pistol cases:

Our canvas, leather, and wool pistol rugs offer all the protection and style that you could ever need. Like the cases in the other firearm categories, these cases come in an assortment of canvas colors, leather materials, wool, as well as the same micro-suede and Sherpa liners. We offer each case in three different sizes: mini, medium, and large. The dimensions are as follows:

Mini – 11.5″L x 7″H; able to accommodate 9.5” gun length and 6” gun height. As its name suggests, this size case is going to be for any mini framed handguns.

Medium – 14″L x 8″H; able to accommodate 11” gun length and 7” gun height. This size case is compatible with most standard handguns.

Large – 17″L x 9″H; able to accommodate 14.5” gun length and 8” gun height. This size case is best suited for long-barreled handguns such as larger revolvers and historical pistols.

Hunting and shooting sports are a big part of Minnesota and the Midwest. At Duluth Pack, we are proud to manufacture the highest-quality of Made in the USA outdoor gear as possible. Hunting and shooting sports have deep roots in this state that date back hundreds of years. Since the early 1900’s Duluth Pack has been manufacturing the best canvas, wool, and leather hunting gear. In the next year, the iconic Duluth Pack Shell Purse will be celebrating its 100th birthday. Now used as a top-selling women’s crossbody purse, this bag was originally constructed for holding as the name states, shotgun shells.

You can shop the assortment of Duluth Pack Made in the USA gun cases in-store, online at, and through our select dealers worldwide.

Happy shopping, friends!

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