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How To Properly Carve a Turkey

Read about the tips and tricks on how to properly carve a turkey. Whether it is Thanksgiving Day or a weekend dinner at home, turkey is a delicious main course that warms our hearts (and stomachs). Now, you have everything you need: your favorite apron, your trusty knife, and your sturdy cutting board. Time to prepare that beautiful bird. To some, carving a turkey sounds daunting. Have no fear, we’ve got you covered with this step-by-step guide from Bon App├ętit and Food Network. We have organized the carving process into two categories: white and dark meat.

White Meat (breast).

To begin, make sure you are working on a flat surface and have the proper knife. Carving usually works best with a chef’s knife, a boning knife is also a great option. Starting at the top of the turkey, slice evenly down the middle of the breast, make sure you cut all the way through. Once you have reached the end, slice inwards until the meat is separated. You are now ready to slice the breast meat for serving, cut at an angle, and choose how thin you’d like each slice. White meat is very tasty, and most everyone at your table will be so happy to try it.

Dark Meat (thighs and legs)

There is still plenty of turkey meat left to serve, let’s take care of that. Dark meat is typically moister and is darker in color due to more blood. When carving the legs, pull them down and cut around the thigh so that the entire leg is separated. You can also trim the rest of the breast once there is more room. Next, cut around the joint so that it is free from the thigh meat. Lastly, you can serve the thighs and legs whole or slice into smaller pieces. Both are easy to eat and savory.

Follow these simple steps and carve with confidence. Turkey is delicious for dinner and leftovers, your friends and family will love your delicious and well-carved turkey, and so will you!

Happy carving, friends!

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