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How to Properly Clean and Care for Your Packs

Whether you prefer our backpacks, purses, totes, duffels, or briefcases, your sturdy and trusted pack will be ready to engage and take on any of life’s daily adventures. Starting with the early sunrise explorers to the beach goer’s sunset, your Duluth Pack will always have your back. As your escapades continue to create a story and add character to your pack by adding scuffs, scratches, and wear, it is easy to repair a wax coating that is thinning down or a waterproofed area that is starting to diminish too much for comfort. All you need is your daily life’s ambition, a little patience, and the proper clean and care supplies.


Step 1 (Clean your Canvas)

You want to make sure that you are working with a clean exterior of your canvas, as the wax will set to anything on the surface of your pack. To ensure the best repair and mending of your product, you may want to use a lint roller to eliminate any excess particles (dust/strings/hair) that may be clinging to the surface before you begin the repair process. Next, use a tough bristled brush to clean off any debris (mud/dirt) on your pack. If you must need, you can blot test, and lightly scrub with cold water and the Duluth Pack Canvas Cleaner. Make sure to refrain from using any detergents and soaps as the chemicals could wear down your pack even more. Do NOT wash your Duluth Pack in a washing machine. Gently dry your pack with a clean towel or let it air dry completely, hanging off the ground in a dry space. Do NOT dry your Duluth Pack in a machine dryer.

Sept 2 (Wax)

After your pack is thoroughly dry and spotless from excess particles (dust/strings/hair), it is time to tackle the re-waxing process. First, you want to warm your canvas surface with a hairdryer, this will allow the wax to evenly spread for a level set. If you desire, you can re-wax the whole pack itself, however, that is not necessary if you want to specifically focus on the wear and tear areas of the canvas surface. Next, you will want to rub the wax on the canvas surface with enough pressure to transfer an even/smooth coat onto your pack. Make sure to use wide and even strokes while applying the wax. This process takes time. Do not rush and commit to doing the job well done.

Step 3 (Drying)

After completing the re-waxing process, allow your pack to set and restore properly for about 24-48 hours in a dry space indoors. Remember to hang above the ground to eliminate any wax transfer to other objects. Congratulations on properly re-waxing your pack.

To ensure the best quality on your repair and re-waxing process, make sure to allow time to carefully engage and tend to your pack, as the re-waxing process takes patience, time, and determination.

Happy re-waxing, friends!

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