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How To Properly Winterize Your Car

Whether you have an upcoming road trip or daily commute on a snowy roadway, these are the tips and tricks we recommend on how to properly winterize your car for true success.

Mother Nature is unpredictable, especially during the winter seasons up North. We recommend a few essentials for optimal safety when harsh and freezing conditions strike. Here is how to be prepared and proactive.

  1. Add a first aid kit to your vehicle. This is an ideal product no matter the weather conditions, but it is essential if you get hurt or even stuck in your car for a long period of time. The best part, most items in your kit will not have an expiration date.
  • Check your tire pressure. When the temperatures drop, air pressure does as well. So make sure to check and keep your tires adequately filled throughout the winter season. 
  • Speaking of tires, try winter tires. They are around for a reason, due to better performance and improved gripping and traction on snowy streets.
  • Always wear a warm jacketmittens or gloves, a wool blanket shirt, a beanie, and have an extra blanketon hand. If you get stuck, you need warm clothing to fight the conditions. Also, if you have young children, a blanket is an additional layer of warmth and comfort for them to use.
  • Washer fluid is critical in snowy conditions, especially de-icing fluids that have an additive to eliminate and melt ice is crucial. When the snow hits, the plows and salt trucks will be out. With that, salt will be on your windshield constantly. Keep your washer fluid full to ensure optimal and clear windshields at all times. 
  • An ice pick and small shovel are your additional appendages in the winter months. If there is freezing ice, you can have over an inch of ice on your windshield by the time you walk out of the office. Buy a good quality ice pick and scraper, and it will be a game changer. The small shovel will help if you get stuck.
  • Have snacks and water on hand. Worst case, you’re stuck. If other drivers are in the same predicament, it could be a while until you wait for help or a tow truck. So keep snacks in your vehicle that won’t melt (in the summer conditions) and won’t expire quickly in the winter months. We recommend these meals by Good To-Go – including Roasted Corn Chowder, Thai Curry, and Pad Thai. In addition, these powered cocoa mixes are great for adults and kiddos. Just add to a thermos with water.

We hope these seven easy ways to winterize your car help you this winter season and for the upcoming years. Keep yourself and your family safe, no matter what is thrown your way.

Happy Adventure, friends!

Disclaimer: Duluth Pack is not responsible for your safety. Use tips at your own discretion and travel at your own risk.