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Northwoods Adventure Mega Malt Created In Partnership With Duluth Pack And Bridgeman’s Restaurant Duluth

Introducing the limited-edition Northwoods Adventure Mega Malt by Duluth Pack and Bridgeman’s Restaurant Duluth. These two local Minnesotan companies have come together to create a delicious and custom ice cream treat for the 2022 summer season.

Whether you are a local or visiting to go camping or drive the North Shore of Duluth, Minnesota is full of great summer activities to do with family and friends. Duluth Pack, the Made in the USA bag and pack manufacturer known for its lifestyle bags and outdoor packs, has partnered with another local business, Bridgeman’s Restaurant to add an exciting pit-stop for you to enjoy while you are in Duluth. Bridgeman’s Restaurant and Duluth Pack have worked together to create a summer exclusive Northwoods Adventure Mega Malt that is available for purchase at the Bridgeman’s Restaurant while supplies last.

Duluth Pack and Bridgeman’s Restaurant are both iconic companies that are local to Duluth and have longstanding strong ties to the northern community. In fact, Duluth Pack is celebrating 140 years of manufacturing in Duluth, MN since they began producing quality outdoor and lifestyle packs in 1882. Along with their ties to the community, Bridgeman’s Restaurant and Duluth Pack are also committed to quality, whether that is in the ingredients used to create a mega malt or the materials used to create one of Duluth Pack’s guaranteed for life bags and packs. Along with sharing company values, Duluth Pack and Bridgeman’s also share the connection of Duluth Pack’s CEO and President, Tom Sega. Tom Sega has a special association to the Bridgeman’s Restaurant as it was his first job when he was just 16 years old. This relation solidified that the companies would make an excellent partnership and began to construct and create the Northwoods Adventure Mega Malt together.

The ice cream based dessert, the Northwoods Adventure Mega Malt is a chocolate and peanut butter pretzel malt, topped with delicious whipped cream, a crunchy and salty pretzel rod, green sprinkles to pay tribute to the iconic canvas color, Olive Drab, at Duluth Pack, and is accessorized with a decorative tree and souvenir compass. The malt is then topped with a chocolate moose lollipop – representative of Duluth Pack’s iconic mascot. This limited-time summer-edition mega malt is completed with a Duluth Pack logo sticker on the Bridgeman’s mega malt mason jar. The mega malts from Bridgeman’s Restaurant also come with a reusable straw and a lid, so that you can take your mega malt jar home to create your own malts or other delicious drinks in this refillable cup.

With such a tasty flavor profile you are sure to adore the Northwoods Adventure Mega Malt and a meal at the Bridgeman’s Restaurant! During your time in Duluth, you should also make your way to Canal Park where Duluth Pack has its flagship retail location at 365 Canal Park Drive. During the summer you can park for free in the lot behind the retail store and enjoy shopping their Made in the USA bags and packs including, totes, purses, rucksack style backpacks, and more! Duluth Pack’s retail location also features camping accessories, apparel, and other quality outdoor brands!

After you stop at these two iconic Duluth businesses, you can complete your time in Canal Park by watching the large ships crossing under the lift bridge for an ideal day as a tourist in Duluth, MN.

Happy adventuring, friends!

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