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Holiday Gift Guide: For The Kids | Duluth Pack

Holiday Gift Guide: For The Kids

It's officially that time of the year when the air gets crisper, the days get shorter, and gift-giving takes priority. If you're looking for that great gift for the kids, look no further. Our new Duluth Pack Holiday Gift Guide has just hit the market and we are so excited to share it with you! So, without further ado, we present to you the Duluth Pack 2020 Gifts For Kids Guide. From packs to onesies and everything in between, these premium Duluth Pack products are designed with kids in mind and are versatile for their diverse activities.  These items will last in the classroom, in the field, through camping trips, or on any adventure your child embarks.

The Northwestern Moose | Duluth Pack

The Northwestern Moose

In North America, there are four subspecies of moose that are recognized. The four subspecies found across the United States are the Eastern moose, the Northwestern moose, the Shiras moose, and the Alaskan moose. The Eastern moose inhabits Eastern Canada and the Northeastern United States. The second species, Northwestern moose, inhabits central Canada and North Dakota, Minnesota, and Northern Michigan. Thirdly, the Shiras moose inhabits the Rocky Mountains in the United States and Canada. Lastly, the Alaskan moose inhabits Alaska and Northwestern Canada (Britannica, Geist). Within this post, we will be focusing on the Northwestern moose, their biology, and their way of living.
What Is Hygge? | Duluth Pack

What Is Hygge?

What is Hygge?

Searching for ways to create wellness, comfortability, and contentment is something that we at Duluth Pack are always facing. We are happy to share a new concept that we have come across that may enhance your relaxation: Hygge. This Danish word does not translate into one particular phrase but embodies a feeling of cozy well-being and contentment while purely enjoying day-to-day life. With the long winter days arising, we are all in need of more comfort and calmness as we spend more time huddled inside.

Hosting For The Holidays - During A Pandemic | Duluth Pack

Hosting For The Holidays - During A Pandemic

Holiday parties and hosting family members are some of the events most sought for when the season arises. Though these gatherings are a wonderful time to come together with family and friends, we know there is a great deal of pressure and stress that can come with hosting. It is easy for your guests to tell you they want you to take part in the same fun they do, but you know you will end up too overwhelmed to do so. We are here to send you on your way to create the most immaculate holiday party, while also allowing yourself to enjoy the festivities alongside your guests. Most of us will be tuning in digitally from afar this year, but if you are having a small and safe gathering this holiday season, these are some of our tips and tricks.
Holiday Gift Guide: Gifts For The Canoeist | Duluth Pack

Holiday Gift Guide: Gifts For The Canoeist

If you're like us, you love hitting the lakes in a canoe during the warmer months and there are few gifts better than accessories or gear for canoeing. But what should you get for the canoeist? What gift is best? Well, let's get into the top five here on the Duluth Pack Holiday Gift Guide.
October 28, 2020 by Duluth Pack
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Holiday Gift Guide: Gifts For The Entrepreneur | Duluth Pack

Holiday Gift Guide: Gifts For The Entrepreneur

Independent, hard-nosed, daring. All words for the entrepreneur. But what is the right gift for these folks? What calls out to them and fits the bill? Well, we have you covered. In light of the holiday season fast approaching, here at Duluth Pack, we are putting together some gift guides to make your life easier. So, without further ado let's get into it.
Shop Small For Big Impact: Why Shopping At Small Businesses Is So Important | Duluth Pack

Shop Small For Big Impact: Why Shopping At Small Businesses Is So Important

Buying local products and consuming local services move our areas and culture forward. Our local businesses in our home of Duluth are part of what makes doing business in this city so great. A symbiotic relationship between consumers and local businesses is what every community should strive to achieve. Regardless, we ask that when you decide to do your shopping, consider contributing to your area and supporting local business. The challenging events in our world this year have brought up a subject worth mentioning and celebrating: Shopping small this holiday season. Spend your money where your heart belongs - in the community.