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Spring Creek Manufacturing

When it comes to finding the best way to transport a canoe, whether across a portage or the country, it can be frustrating, and even dangerous if you do not have the right gear.

Here is where Spring Creek Manufacturing enters to help answer all of your paddlesport needs whether it is how to carry a canoe, stabilizing units, or car and truck racks.

Spring Creek Manufacturing was founded in 1985 by Ted Newberg when he was looking for a better way to carry, haul, portage and propel canoes and kayaks. Today it is run by Vice President and Partner Grant Sega after being purchased in July of 2017. Sega became involved in the company after going to them for a new product idea, since he had been using their products for many years he knew their high-quality design would be ideal for his new product idea. After various talks, it was discovered that purchasing the company with his dad, Tom Sega—president of Duluth Pack—would be an option.

Spring Creek Manufacturing started with its innovative Canoe Seat/Yoke when launched in 1985 and the design has not changed much over time. It is still available to purchase in their original design. Today they offer a variety of paddlesport specific items and industrial products some designed for the contractor, sure to meet their heavy-duty needs and some designed for everyday use. They have now expanded their product line to include many relevant things a canoeist is sure to use and want.

Photo via Spring Creek Manufacturing

Having an odd number of people wanting to go on a canoe trip can lead to arguing over who has to sit on the bottom of the canoe, and most likely get wet. Luckily we have found an answer to that, with the Drop-In Seat. It has been perfectly designed for adding a third passenger or even a solo trip. Adding additional people to the canoe can increase the chance of tipping and trust us flipping a canoe is not fun, not to mention how everything gets drenched. The best way to reduce the change of flipping is to get the HD Canoe Stabilizer Complete Package and now your flipping worries are over.

On his days off, Sega tries to spend as much time outside as he can, being an avid hunter and fisherman. The Duluth News Tribune recently wrote about this winter in Duluth with current snow totals of 42.5 inches of snow, double the normal amounts for this time of year! Which is perfect for Sega because he can dust off his snowmobile and get outside to enjoy the trails and fresh new powder. Sega is also a huge football and hockey fan and tries to watch as many games as he can.

Growing the business has not been an easy task, as getting the word out to people can be the toughest part of growing any business. Although getting products on has helped spread the word of their company and how great their products are, just read some of the reviews, you won’t find a bad review! One of the biggest successes they had was expanding their line of industrial products, which also helps with the seasonal aspects of some of their business. Spring Creek was featured in which helped spread the word of the growing business.

Sega’s goal for the next couple of years is continuing to expand the business with all the positive changes he has made recently. With the continued growth he will be hiring more employees as the business allows it. He plans to achieve this by increasing website sales, brand awareness and wholesale business.

Photo via Spring Creek Manufacturing

After running the company for a few years Sega was able to launch his new product idea. The Tuff Camp Saw. This saw features an extremely simple design that can fold and collapse allowing for easy transportation, the saw also features an incredibly strong design. “For anyone looking for extremely simple yet versatile camping saw, brush saw, hunting saw, or clearing saw then they need our Tuff Camp Saw,” says Sega. It is made from high-quality aluminum so it will never rust and did we mention how light it is, it weighs under 2 pounds! It is available in 21″, 24″ and 30″ blade lengths allowing for long and quick cuts. The combination of lightweight and long saw blades allows for easy, efficient cut strokes.

Having a dad who knows so much about business can be a great mentor to anyone especially if you are new to the business world. Sega says “My dad has been the best business partner I could have ever asked for.” He is thankful for having someone who knows as much as his dad does and is willing to share some tips and tricks while navigating and running a business.

We have all seen someone with a canoe strapped to the top of their car and it just makes you think “how is that even possible?” Without the right equipment, it can be dangerous, which is why we recommend buying the Tuff Truck Rack because it is designed correctly and safely. It is not limited to carrying just canoes, it can also carry ladders and equipment for the contractors. It features an extremely simple yet strong bolt/clamp-on design allowing it to fit most trucks with no drilling required.

Here at Duluth Pack, we love American made companies and that is what sets Spring Creek Manufacturing apart from the rest. They continue to stay American made no matter what happens. They are dedicated to local business and have no plans to change that anytime soon. They source all labor from the small town where they are located.

At Duluth Pack, we offer a lifetime guarantee on all our products and something we love to share is Duluth Pack stories. Sega has had his Large Standard Backpack since he was in third grade when it was given to him as a gift by his parents. He used it all through grade school, high school, and college and he still uses the pack today! If the pack could talk, it would tell travel stories of visiting countless different states, multiple different countries, and even different continents!

So if you are planning a canoe trip soon, want to feel more confident with your canoe abilities, or are looking at an adaptable car or truck racks head over to Spring Creek Manufacturing and start looking around! And if you need a canoe pack, we have you covered.

Paddle on, friends!

Written by Bradey B.

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