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Swapped Stories: An Interview with New Northern Minnesota Candy Company, Callie’s Sweets

Swapped Stories: An Interview with New Northern Minnesota Candy Company, Callie’s Sweets

If you find yourself traveling up the North Shore of Minnesota this summer, make sure you stop by Callie’s Sweets – a new and exciting Northland candy store. Callie’s Sweets will be looking to open its doors this spring (2021) in their new 17,000 square foot building, complete with model trains, candy, and more. The store, in Two Harbors, is about 20 minutes past Duluth. The building’s new address is 320 7th Ave, Two Harbors, MN 55616.

The local company began selling on their online shop this past fall while starting to work on their new storefront. “I am looking forward to seeing people’s faces when they are able to try the candy in front of us,” says Jordan Seidel, the company’s Marketing Director. The new space allows them to showcase their fantastic fudge and popcorn, as well as expand their treat menu.

The building will be known as Burlington Station and will be complete with a train depot theme. The outside wall will be covered with a beautiful mural of a train depot and Callie’s family. Continuing this theme inside, a large portion of the building will feature model train railroads that twist and turn across the North Shore scenes, including Two Harbors and Duluth. The model railroad will be in its own section of the building, with parts of the track extending into the candy kitchen and the storefront area.

The railroad portion is only one room in the building. There is also a large retail space with countless tasty treats and a milk bar where sweets are made right in front of you. “It will have the sights, the sounds, and the smells too,” says Seidel. We believe him; this place sounds awesome.

The new sweets shop in Tow Harbors will undoubtedly bring in lots of tourists and travelers. But the store is an excellent place for the community, too. Callie’s family indeed carries the spirit of entrepreneurship. Her father and sister are also proud owners of their own small businesses in Two Harbors. The family has long been a part of the town’s history, and they’re excited to open a sweet new business and help provide local jobs to the community.

Now, on to the sweets. Callie’s Sweets specializes in fudge and caramel making, and its products are paired with food like apples and popcorn. They combine these foods with other delicious ingredients like cookies and fruit to spice up their treats with sugary goodness. They also offer special variety boxes, which highlight a specific ingredient. The Fudgegettaboutit! Box is their most popular, featuring a focal point on the fudge. All the boxes are worth trying, and they make great gifts or late-night movie snacks. The treats are currently produced in-house, and the cooking will soon be entirely done at their new store.

The company hopes to host events in the future and evolve its space and products. Seidel states, “No matter how many times people have been in the store, we want them to experience one new thing.” Whether you’re in the market for candy or a new place to visit, Callie’s Sweets will always surprise you with memorable new experiences. They hope to keep growing as a company and want to start hosting events in their new space. “‘Sweet treats – sweeter memories’ is one of our taglines,’” says Seidel, “As much as I want people to enjoy a piece of fudge or a few pieces of caramel and some popcorn, I want them to look back at their time and have a memory. I want people to leave with sweet memories.”

It couldn’t have been put any better. Its small businesses like Callie’s Sweets that make the North Shore so special. The authenticity of Callie’s Sweets and Duluth Pack are what drives and inspire entrepreneurs and candy lovers alike.

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Happy swapped stories, friends!

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