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Swapped Stories: Giving Back to Those in Need with Family Proud Inc.

At Duluth Pack, there is a saying. TEAM – Together Everyone Accomplishes More. Duluth Pack aligns itself with partners, companies, and others who have this similar focus and mentality. One of those companies is Family Proud. Based in San Diego, California, Family Proud was based on the fundamentals of easing the burdens of those going through hardships. There is research that the #1 cause for bankruptcy in America is out-of-pocket medical expenses. Typically, the burden of care falls on the loved ones going through hardship. In addition, it can be even more cumbersome if loved ones are not near each other geographically. This circumstance is the backbone and purpose of where Family Proud came about. The Duluth Pack team sat down and spoke with Trevor Prophet, Leader of Business Operations for Family Proud. 

Trevor explains that the company was founded by two partners, Jaden Risner and Clay Treska. Jaden is the CEO of Family Proud and a veteran who piloted helicopters for the United States Navy. While he was overseas for one of his deployments, his mother suffered a heart attack and was hospitalized in California. He had to coordinate support remotely, which was a very stressful and challenging task. “This was how the genesis of Family Proud started from a remote caregiver perspective,” details Trevor.  

The other co-founder, Clay Treska is a United States Marine veteran. He is a two-time cancer survivor and brings the patient-survivor perspective. “I believe that he truly created Family Proud to scale the impact of reaching out to a peer, sharing lessons learned, and sharing ideas on how to beat a diagnosis through a community,” says Trevor.  

Family Proud is a platform to connect patients with support from the community. Often, people find themselves overwhelmed when trying to find help, the right support, and proper care when diagnosed with a health condition. In the past, families had to focus a great deal of energy on finding ways to raise money for their loved ones in the hospital. Family Proud eliminates this burden by connecting families with the appropriate community and organization. They also offer a platform that connects people dealing with hardships to others who can relate. The organization believes that individuals and families should focus solely on their loved ones and leave the stressors of support to them. “Family Proud essentially tackles three pillars; the emotional, the social, and the financial burdens of care,” explains Trevor.  

After speaking with Trevor about the Family Proud team, culture, and mission, we feel the song “Lean on Me” is the most appropriate way to summarize their purpose. 

If you or someone you know is seeking care, advice, or support, please reach out to the wonderful team at Family Proud. 

Happy Swapped Stories, friends! 

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