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The Benefits of Aloe Plants

The Natural Benefits of Aloe Plants

With the growing popularity of natural remedies for personal care, it is only reasonable that we dive deeper into the benefits of the aloe vera plant. Not only is this healing plant an inexpensive, decorative investment piece to keep around the house or in your pack in case of emergency, but it also takes minor work from a maintenance standpoint.

The most obvious advantage of aloe vera is its ability, when used topically, to help heal first and second-degree burns. Accidents can happen when working with heat, but having aloe on deck can drastically decrease the pain. And most are well aware of the relief brought about by putting aloe on a fresh sunburn. This use in itself makes aloe a necessity.

Along with easing the pain of a sunburn, aloe vera has essential vitamins B, C, and E that assist in the repair of damaged skin. These vitamins are necessary for repairing wounds and treating other skin conditions such as acne and psoriasis. This functional plant can increase collagen production, which improves complexion and creates skin elasticity.

Using aloe as an external healing medication is common, but there are more recent development sources proving that this succulent can also have an internal healing power when it is taken orally. One trial proved that using aloe vera juice compared to chlorhexidine – an active ingredient in your standard mouthwash – was just as successful at reducing plaque. We do recommend consulting with your dentist, a trained and licensed professional, before attempting. Another said that a use for aloe is to heal canker sores. Aloe does not instantly heal the canker sores that appear inside your mouth, but it can expedite the healing process as well as ease the pain. Again, we do recommend consulting with a licensed professional before attempting.

Back to the natural remedy note, aloe has shown to assist in more serious complications such as reducing acid reflux episodes, as well as amplify insulin sensitivity in those living with diabetes. There are aloe vera capsules that can be taken to use it for one of these benefits. Prior to trying, consult with a licensed professional on what is best for you.

We hope you can use some of these remedies to amplify your everyday life! Let us know if you have any information on aloe plants that you have found helpful.

Happy natural remedies, friend!

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