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The Best and Top Gear You Need For The Gym and Working Out in 2021

The Best and Top Gear You Need For The Gym and Working Out in 2021 

Duluth Packs Gym Gag is a downsized version of the ever-popular Boot Duffel and is the ultimate option for many uses, from a day at the gym to transporting or storing your tools. The Gym Bag is made of rugged 15-ounce canvas material and is available in 12 different canvas colors. Although the bag looks similar to some of our other smaller duffels, our Safari Duffel, the Gym Bag particularly, stands out from these bags with its various features.

Our comfortable cotton web handles made with a premium leather snap grip allow for easier transportation while avoiding those unwanted hand cramps that come with a long day of traveling or carrying a heavy bag. Another essential feature of the Gym Bag is the cotton web shoulder strap used when you need your hands free for other things. The shoulder strap is super comfortable and adjustable to whatever length is necessary for the occasion.

The Gym Bag has ample storage space and can fit things needed for the gym, such as a towel, spare clothes, a water bottle, or even your shoes! In a separate area beneath, a highly water-resistant, easy to clean, lined shoe storage compartment will keep your freshly used, stinking gym shoes separated and secure while preventing the smell or mess from spreading to the rest of the bag. Both chambers of the bag are equipped with full wrap-around, high-quality YKK zippers for easy loading and unloading, and the front slip pocket provides a secure storage place for smaller items such as your car keys, wallet, or gym card.

Even though it is called the Gym Bag, the bag can be used as a beach tote, tool bag, small travel duffel, or other additional types of bags you may need it for! Shoes, beach towels, sunscreen, sunglasses, or any other necessary beach items fit nicely into the bag and allow for the ultimate day at the beach. The durability of the Gym Bag allows easy carrying and storage of heavy items like your tools.

Duluth Pack also has an extensive collection of other various handcrafted and Made in the USA duffel bags. You can head over to to check them out and purchase.

Happy shopping, friends!

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