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The Best Hiking Trails in Jackson Hole, Wyoming

Best Hiking Trails in Jackson Hole, Wyoming

Add Jackson Hole to the list of destinations on your next road trip. Conveniently situated in Wyoming, it is one of the largest upland valleys in the Rocky Mountains, ranging roughly 10 miles wide and 40 miles long. Bears, elk, bison, and moose are among the many sought after animals to view in the region. This valley is home to 3 winter ski resorts and borders Grand Teton National Park and the Gros Ventre Wilderness, making for some of the most impressive geographies in the United States. There is no shortage of views, and with over 80 trails in the surrounding area, there’s plenty to be hiked. Don’t worry, we have compiled a list and chosen some of our favorite hiking trails in Jackson Hole to offer an immersive experience for every level of hiker.


  • Cache Creek and Hagen’s Trail Loop
    • A 2-mile hike that winds through the Bridger-Teton National Forest along Cache Creek. This trail is relatively flat, which makes it viable for all ages. It is a wonderful hike to hit in the morning, as the loop can be completed in about an hour. Heavily trafficked and family-friendly, this is a great way to introduce yourself to the valley and allow time to acclimate before heading vertically.

  • Phelps Lake Overlook
    • Gain 395 feet of elevation while traveling through the pine-dominated forest on your way to the 6th largest lake in Grand Teton National Forest. From the Death Canyon Trailhead, the hike to the overlook is one mile from the beginning, and the trail can be traced back (2-mile total) to the start or taken further to the discovery of a small beach alongside the Phelps Lake.


  • Josie’s Ridge Trail
    • Located just outside the city of Jackson, an out and back style hike that lengths in at around 3 miles and climbs over 1,200 feet fairly quickly. Atop the ridge, take in an elevated view of the city and observe the Teton mountain range covering the horizon. This uphill hike lines a ridge of forest on your way to viewpoints; it might take your breath away.

  • Jenny Lake Loop (Inspiration Point)
    • This is one of the most popular trails in Grand Teton National Park (for good reason), so prepare to meet some new friends along the way. A roundtrip just over 2 miles leads through trees, rocks, and great views. Soon after starting this hike, you’ll reach the Hidden Falls, a waterfall that drops 200 feet. Walk further down the trail with eyes on the Cathedral Group, 3 mountain peaks ranging from 12,000-13,000 ft, and arrive at the Inspiration Point, which gives a beautiful look at the glacier-carved Lake Jenny.


  • Paintbrush Divide to Cascade Canyon
    • Jenny Lake Loop not enough for your liking? Continue down that same trail to the northern slopes of the Paintbrush Divide for a 19-mile loop that is sure to challenge as much as it does reward. This hike should be started in the morning to ensure ample time to complete. Various glacier lakes provide for sightseeing through the entirety of this hike, a truly immersive adventure into Grand Tetons. There is often snow toward the peak of Paintbrush, so use caution and be prepared for any unexpected weather conditions.

  • Teton Crest Trail
    • The big one. Looking for a hike through the backcountry that takes you through all of Grand Tetons’ most treasured locations? At 43 miles, this is a multi-day hike that begins near Jackson and ends around String Lake, near the heart of Grand Teton National Forest. Wind your way around peaks, ponds, and inviting landscapes that encapsulate everything the Tetons have built their legacy on. Along the way are campsites near lakes and cascades that add to the high value of this trek. Shuttles are available in season to hitchhike back to your starting point.

A list of recommended gear to throw in your pack for hiking in Wyoming can be found here. Always be prepared, plan ahead, and communicate with others on routes and expected start and finish time. As always, stay aware of wildlife and respect their natural habitat as well as your own safety.

We hope this guide leads you down trails to finding adventure and beauty in the nature you deserve to discover. Need a life-long hiking buddy? Shop our packs to ensure every aspect of packing your essentials is more enjoyable and functional.

Happy hiking, friends!

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