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The Importance of Dog Boots

The temperatures are dropping dramatically here in the Northland, and the tundra is becoming harsh. We can’t imagine walking barefoot in these conditions, and we certainly don’t expect our dogs to either. Though it is true that there are some breeds of dogs that acclimate well and even flourish in cold temperature climates, the majority of dog breeds, and especially smaller dogs, are not equipped to handle the freezing cold temperatures without some assistance, especially for their health and safety. Thankfully, there are dog booties out there to protect your pup’s adorable paws from the relentless weather. 

Apart from looking undeniably cute, dog booties come with various advantages to you and your fur-babies, and while dogs do have thick pads on their feet, they are not invincible. There are times when having boots on your dog’s paws will give them the extra protection that they need. 

As stated previously, dogs get cold when they are walking in the winter, just like us, and snow can become extremely cold on your canine’s paws; even ice is sharp and harmful to walk on. Yet, when your dog is wearing dog booties, their paws can be protected from cuts and injuries in the winter freeze and can even prevent frostbite. Purchasing dog booties will eliminate the chance of injuries your pup could get when playing in the snow.  

Additionally, in the winter, salt is typically spread on the ground to help melt snow and ice and what most dog owners don’t realize is that this can be harmful to your furry friend’s paws. The salt can irritate and completely dry their paws out, not to mention if you don’t wash your dog’s paws regularly, salt may cause chemical burns. But when you choose to purchase dog boots, you don’t have to be concerned about this problem when you are taking a stroll outside with your pup in the winter!  

Dog booties do a great job at protecting your dog’s paws in the winter, but many may not know that hot temperatures can be equally dangerous. Think about how your bare feet feel when you are running on hot sand; this is how your dog feels when they are walking on pavements during hot summer days. Dog boots are going to protect your furry friend’s paws from burning out by creating a barrier between the hot ground and their paw pads.  

As you can see, purchasing dog booties comes with a plethora of advantages for your pup, and who doesn’t think a dog with booties on is cute?  

Adventure on, friends! 

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