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The Ultimate Cabin Gear – What Your Cabin Gear Needs Right Now

The Ultimate Duluth Pack Cabin Gear- What Your Cabin Needs Right Now.

Heading up North to the cabin after a long week of work is something to look forward to. Whether you are relaxing at a nice warm bonfire, spending the day out on the lake, or sitting around the table playing board games with your family, Duluth Pack’s ultimate lineup of cabin gear has you covered.

Duluth Pack’s Weekender Duffel is the ideal bag to pack all your stuff in before your getaway. Made from rugged canvas material and coming complete with a reinforced leather bottom and a comfortable webbed shoulder strap, there is no doubt that this duffel will get you through all your rigors travels. This duffel is the absolute choice for travel, everyday use, or just a weekend getaway.

To have a bonfire, you need wood. You could head over to the local grocery store or gas station to buy the necessary precut bundles, or you could get out your handy tools and go cut down your own. The Made in the USA Tuff Camp Saw by Spring Creek Manufacturing is the ultimate saw for the occasion. While weighing less than 2 pounds (all three sizing options), the saw also has an easily removable saw blade stored inside the tubed spine to make transportation even easier. The saw is lightweight as well as being incredibly strong and durable.

After your wood has been cut, you need to split the logs. We offer various axes and hatchets that will make this process so much easier for you. We would recommend the Large Splitting Axe, which is very lightweight and designed specifically for splitting large chunks of wood. Another item that will make your life easier once the wood has been split is the Duluth Pack Log Carrier. This carrier is made from our rugged canvas material and has premium rolled leather handles reinforced with guaranteed rivets for serious durability.

Like these items, we have Wax Canvas Fire Starters to make starting fires easier than ever and a Fire Poker that can tackle a fire of any size.

In specific, we suggest our Bushcrafter Pack, designed for tough outdoor duties such as carrying wood and heavy axes or hatchets. This bag is made from rugged canvas, with padded leather shoulder straps and extra support across the sternum. Equipped with an axe sleeve and two double pockets big enough to fit a saw and replacement blades, this bag is the definite solution for your situation. By getting your axe out of your hands, you are allowing yourself two empty hands to carry other items or help navigate you through the brush. Having your axe and saw behind you instead of in your hands keeps you safe from any harm they could potentially cause in an accident such as a fall.

Another collection of optimal cabin items that Duluth Pack offers are canoe accessories that will make your day out on the lake or in the wilderness way more enjoyable. The selection of paddles Duluth Pack offers differ between shape, size, pattern, and material so that you can pick the best option for you and your family. Another exceptional item we recommend is the Rugged Canvas Bow Bags, equipped with adjustable buckled straps that are great for any size canoe. These are the precise size for storing things such as medicine, snacks, or sunscreen that might be necessary throughout your day on the water.

There are plenty of exceptional options for all occasions and circumstances. Kick back in one of our comfy hammocks with your coziest blanket and a good book, play a family game of cribbage with our unique Mini Game Pack including a folding cribbage board, or snuggle up by the fireplace with one of our soft cuddle toys. Duluth Pack has something that will make the cabin loads of fun for family members of all ages, but remember, don’t forget your Bug Spray.

Happy adventuring, friends!

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