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Top-Selling Hults Bruk Axes

There are few axe companies as well know as Hults Bruk. Built on longevity and hard work, the Swedish axe manufacturer has made a name for themselves in the hand tool industry. They offer tons of premium products that are great for the cabin or camping. An axe is an essential tool for any outdoor adventure. Each Hults Bruk axe blade is hand-forged one by one, ensuring high-quality craftsmanship. Here at Duluth Pack, we wanted to share a few of our favorite Hults Bruk Axes and Hatches:

Bjork Splitting Axe

Truly a magnificent tool, the Bjork Splitting Axe was built for heavy-duty chopping jobs. The head of the axe weighs roughly 3.5 pounds and can be used for splitting larger logs. Crafted from US-sourced hickory, The 30-inch handle allows for a sturdier grip and a controlled swing. Like all Hults Bruk axes, the Bjork Splitting Axe is meticulously hand-forged in Sweden.

Gran Splitting Axe

The Gran Splitting Axe is somewhat similar to the Bjork, just smaller in size. Using the same materials as the Bjork, this axe is great for splitting regular-sized logs for firewood. The head of the axe weighs roughly 2.5 pounds, and the handle is 20 inches long. This axe may be smaller, but it sure is mighty.

Almike Hatchet

Hatchets useful for a variety of different outdoor splitting tasks. The Hults Bruk Almike Hatchet is versatile and can be used to clear brush or split small logs. This hatchet is sturdy and ready to get the job done. The hatchet is also bundled with a leather Duluth Pack Axe Holder. The holder clips to your belt, allowing carrying convenient and easy access.

Tarnaby Hatchet

The final Hults Bruk product we want to highlight is the Tarnaby Hatchet. Like all Hults Bruk items, this hatchet is handcrafted using the best materials on the market. Great for all of your splitting purposes, the Tarnaby is light-weight and packs down easily. This hatchet also comes with a Duluth Pack Axe Holder, allowing it to be stored right on your belt.

Like Hults Bruk, Duluth Pack uses the best materials to ensure your product will last a lifetime. The next time you go on an adventure, make sure you pack the Hults Bruk axe in your premium Duluth Pack.

Happy adventuring, friends!

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