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We are Thankful For

We Are Thankful

The list of what we at Duluth Pack are thankful for this year could go on for many pages, but we are here to share some of the most important. With the holidays approaching and the unknown being so prominent this year, we understand the importance of taking a step back and embracing what we can.

Our community is at the top of the list. Without the support of our customers, followers, and the community as a whole, we wouldn’t be able to do what we do.

Our home – Duluth, Minnesota. From the warm summer days spent wandering in Canal Park, to the blustery snowstorms that test our patience, we are grateful for all Duluth has to offer.

All the activities that the outdoors allow us to partake in. Whether we’re paddling through calm waters or hiking a newfound trail, we are thankful for the ability to embrace it all using American made products.

The crackle of a warm fire on a snow day and a new mug in hand filled with our favorite coffee or cocoa.

The feeling of putting on a cozy pair of socks when the temperatures are below zero.

Lighting a candle that smells like home after a long day of activities.

The lake: looking at it, swimming in it, fishing in it. Everything.

Laughter and smiles from the people we love.

Our employees, our leaders, and our coworkers who make work an enjoyable adventure.

The smell of freshly baked bread.

The sound of the snow crunching each step we take.

The sunrise that symbolizes a start to a beautiful new day.

We feel blessed to have made it through this year with so many people, places, and adventures to be thankful for. Without our customers both loyal and new, our list wouldn’t be quite as long. So, we thank you.

Happy holidays, friends!

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