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Where to Road Trip in 2022 – Zion National Park

Going on a road trip can sound like a great idea no matter what is going on in the world, but during this time, it sounds even more appealing. The thought of taking a road trip with your friends or family may sound like an exciting idea from the get-go, but once you start considering your plan, stress may arise. We are here to give you insight on a route to one of our favorite road trip destinations – Zion National Park. Starting at our home in Duluth, Minnesota, and traveling to Southern Utah allows for an abundance of experiences and sites to see along the way.

As you depart Duluth, the trip through Minnesota will be fairly basic, with a stop in Minneapolis on the way if you desire. Taking the highway towards our western neighbor, South Dakota, will allow for an encompassing scenic adventure towards the Badlands National Park. Here you can see beautiful rock formations, canyons, and plenty of wildlife, including bison and bighorn sheep.

Crossing over into Wyoming, you will be near some of the most well-known National Parks: Yellowstone and Grand Teton. Driving across Wyoming to get to these destinations will allow for more picturesque locations. Stopping first at Yellowstone National Park, you will again see a plethora of natural beauty and wildlife, along with the world’s highest concentration of geysers. These include the iconic Old Faithful, Lower Falls, and Yellowstone Lake.

Going south from Yellowstone and towards the state of our final destination, you will be at an ideal location to make another pit-stop at Grand Teton National Park. As its name states, here you will see the peaks of the Teton Range. Along with those sites, there are thousands of acres filled with mountain valleys, meadows, and lakes. The landscapes that Grand Teton National Park has creates the perfect scenario for the outdoor enthusiast and avid hiker.

Continuing your travels south into Utah, the views continue to thrive. Arriving at your final destination, Zion National Park, your breath will be taken away by the steep red cliffs that surround the Virgin River. There are immense amounts of hiking trails as well as a scenic drive that shows you all the beautiful landscapes from the comfort of your car. The Emerald Pools are another added water feature that contains cascading waterfalls and crystal water.

We know you may be itching to get outdoors and experience nature in a new way. Though planning a road trip itinerary can be complicated, we hope that this alleviates some of the hassles that come along with planning.

If you have the perfect road trip route or a new destination worth checking out, let us know at [email protected]!

Happy traveling, friends!

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