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Your New Favorite Outdoor Hiking And Camping Pack – The Sparky Pack Line

The Standard and Deluxe Sparky Packs

When we sat down to redesign the Sparky Pack, we asked ourselves, “How do we make such a great bag even better?” Honestly, this was a tough question. The pack has been a customer favorite for years and years, a bag that was dear to our hearts. Well, we did make this superb bag even better. We recreated the Standard and Deluxe Sparky Packs.

To start, this bag was crafted for and named after one of our dear employees a number of years ago. Sparky, an avid outdoorsman, needed a bag that was reliable and offered plenty of space. Using designs from his favorite Duluth Pack bags, the Sparky Pack was constructed and complete with spacious side pockets. Today, this bag still utilizes these classic features.

The Standard Sparky Pack is one of the most versatile bags we offer. By using rugged canvas and premium leather, this bag is built to last generations. We completed the look with bottle holders on both sides and nylon cording across the exterior for added room. The bag opens almost the pack’s full length, allowing plenty of room for easy and precise packing. Not only is this bag functional, but it’s also fashionable, coming in a handful of our favorite colorways, including our waxed canvases. This bag is made for almost any occasion, from hiking the trails to taking the bus to work. Our Standard Sparky Pack has got you covered no matter the task.

Moving on to our Deluxe Sparky Pack builds upon the all-ready-great Sparky Pack. We took the Standard’s features to the next level by adding a premium leather bottom and shoulder straps. These leather upgrades make the bag look great and ensure durability and comfortability while traveling across the globe. Take the Deluxe Sparky Pack anywhere and see for yourself; this pack is designed to perform.

Both of these bags are incredible and showcase the quality of our craftsmanship. These are only two of the countless rugged bags we offer. Some of our other favorites include The ScoutThe Wanderer, and The #3 Original. Duluth Pack always ensures top-notch materials, premium products, and packs that last a lifetime no matter the product you choose. As always, every one of our products is handcrafted in the USA.

Happy hiking, friends!

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