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BB Special Paddle


SKU: W-811-48

The BB Special has a bent shaft for a more efficient paddle stroke on flat water, letting you go further with less muscle fatigue. This paddle has a seven-laminate blade that is handcrafted of basswood, maple and red alder, and is made entirely in Osceola, Wisconsin. For added durability, the BB Special blade also has Bending Branches’ Rockgard® edge protection. Some of the most experienced paddlers find that the BB Special bent shaft wood canoe paddle has flat water cruising performance at an unbeatable price. The BB Special bent shaft paddle is available in lengths of 48 inches to 56 inches (in 2-inch increments).

Blade Size: 8.1" x 19"

Grip Type: Classic Palm Grip

Shaft Type: 18 Laminate Basswood

Wood Type: Basswood, Maple, and Red Alder

Lengths Available: 48, 50, 52, 54, 56 inches

Weight: 22 oz.

Rockgard Color: Caramel