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Beavertail Paddle


SKU: W-802-54

With its long, slender blade shape, the Beavertail recreational canoe paddle is a terrific choice for lake paddling in the deep water. This narrower – and longer – bladed paddle pulls smoothly through the water, and the length helps with sweep strokes. This straight shaft paddle is handcrafted in Osceola, Wisconsin using basswood and red alder. It has a symmetrical freestyle palm grip to give you the versatility you want and the quality and comfort you deserve.



  • SIZE: 6.75 x 25 in.
  • BLADE: Red Alder Basswood
  • PROTECTION: Partial Rockgard®
  • SHAFT: Straight
  • MATERIAL: Solid Basswood
  • LENGTH: 54" 57" 60" 63"
  • FEATURES: Ovalized for Comfort
  • Freestyle Palm Grip
  • 22 oz.
Hand-crafted in Osceola, WI USA