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American Felling Axe 35"
American Felling Axe 35"
Purchase American Felling Axe 35"

SKU: M-1202
American Felling Axe 35"

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Due to high demand, this item is backordered. Order early to get your axe as soon as possible. These items will likely be made to order for a long period of time, make sure to get your name on the list.

Gransfors Bruks first-class full size axe for felling trees and sectioning logs is based on a classic Colonial American pattern. 3lb. head has a 4-1/2" face. 35" handle.

The Swedes are the world's greatest axe enthusiasts, and Gransfors Bruks is one of their finest forges. Each axe is carefully forged by an experienced smith who shows his pride in his work by stamping his initials on the head next to the company logo, and each smith is introduced in the booklet that accompanies every Gränsfors Bruks axe. After forging, each blade is ground to a 25° bevel and honed to a razor edge - handle with care! Each axe is fitted with a tight-grained hickory handle and provided with a grain-leather sheath with snap fastener.

A note regarding Axe Handles:  It is important to keep your axe handle well protected from the effects of moisture, excessive dryness and temperature extremes.  Routine axe handle maintenance should include periodic use of any product marked suitable for unconditioned wood. Howard’s Feed N Wax, (a mix of beeswax and orange oil), Boiled Linseed Oil, even traditional Paste Wax, are excellent products with which to treat your axe handle.  These products are not expensive and routinely available at most hardware stores.  Periodically conditioning your axe handle will significantly negate any opportunity for the wood grain to contract.  Such contraction when left unchecked, allows an axe head to become loose on its handle.

Should you notice your axe head seeming loose without apparent cause, soaking the entire head overnight in Boiled Linseed Oil, will in most cases allow the wood grain inside the eye fitting to hydrate and expand.  This should provide a long-lasting solution.

Axe handles are a natural material and may vary in color.

See How, Much Like Gransfors Bruk, Duluth Pack Focuses On Heritage & Handcrafted Quality:

Michael (Buffalo, NY)
American felling axe
Gransfors bruk is perhaps the finest maker of axes on the planet. One of I believe two axe makers who hand forge their axes. Check out youtube videos made by the company for more info on the how they are made and the care and quality control which goes into every axe.
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