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Splitting Maul
Splitting Maul
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SKU: M-147
Splitting Maul

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Please Note: 'Splitting Maul' is currently backordered and is being crafted for you. Please be aware that there may be a delay in shipping.


A hefty 5 1/2 lb head and 31" handle makes this maul an incredible wood splitting tool. The poll is designed for pounding on a splitting wedge.

A note regarding Axe Handles:  It is important to keep your axe handle well protected from the effects of moisture, excessive dryness and temperature extremes.  Routine axe handle maintenance should include periodic use of any product marked suitable for unconditioned wood. Howard’s Feed N Wax, (a mix of beeswax and orange oil), Boiled Linseed Oil, even traditional Paste Wax, are excellent products with which to treat your axe handle.  These products are not expensive and routinely available at most hardware stores.  Periodically conditioning your axe handle will significantly negate any opportunity for the wood grain to contract.  Such contraction when left unchecked, allows an axe head to become loose on its handle.

Should you notice your axe head seeming loose without apparent cause, soaking the entire head overnight in Boiled Linseed Oil, will in most cases allow the wood grain inside the eye fitting to hydrate and expand.  This should provide a long-lasting solution.

Axe handles are a natural material and may vary in color.

See How, Much Like Gransfors Bruk, Duluth Pack Focuses On Heritage & Handcrafted Quality:

Product Review
Just received my splitting maul it's everything I was hoping for. The transaction was super smooth and would buy again. Excellent fit and finish. I haven't tried it yet, but there are enough videos online that made me want to pay for the right tool v.s. buy junk over and over. Can't beat quality, superior hand made for over 100 years from the same forge in sweden and a 20 warranty.
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