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Bugaboo Fry Pan


SKU: M-061-8

This versatile, heavy-gauge, non-stick fry pan is a dependable, non-stick coating, even-heating surface and light weight epitomize value and versatility. Spiral-turned base grips stoves and grills securely. Removable, primary handle and the 14inch size has a fixed helper handle.


8 INCH $19.95 Weight: 12.8 oz. Dimensions: 9.2" x 8.6" x 2.6" Material: Non-Stick Coated Aluminum

10 INCH $24.95 Weight: 17.7 oz. Dimensions: 11.1" x 10.6" x 2.7" Material: Non-Stick Coated Aluminum

14 INCH $44.95 Weight: 3 lb 9.5 oz Dimensions: 16.6" x 16.5" x 2.9" Material: Non-Stick Coated Aluminum