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Laptop Scoutmaster
Laptop Scoutmaster
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SKU: B-514
Laptop Scoutmaster



Sleek, rugged, and minimal from campus to out on the trails, the Laptop Scoutmaster has you covered. Made with our durable 15-ounce canvas, this pack easily protects all your gear, and features a 16"H x 14"W padded sleeve so you can safely carry your laptop wherever you go.


Hand constructed 15 oz. canvas for durable quality and heritage "better-with-age" aesthetic.
Shoulder strap side wing attachment for added comfort.
Riveted leather reinforcements to make it a multi-generational heirloom.
Adjustable cotton web shoulder straps with roller buckle closure for versatility.
Nylon grab handle for easy pick-up.
Interior snap hook attachment and a zippered pocket for items like keys, wallet, phone, etc.
Slim side pockets for additional storage.
Top compression flaps to secure goods.
Padded laptop sleeve for protection.


  • Dimensions: 17”H x 14”W x 5”D, Laptop Sleeve (16"H x 14"W)
  • Capacity: 20 Liters
  • Uses: Everyday, Travel, School, and Hiking

Most manufactured canvas products are not lined. Raw edge interior is intentional and does not affect durability or overall quality.

We stand behind our work and are proud to offer a lifetime warranty covering all craftsmanship and hardware used in the construction of our products. Normal wear and tear or accidental damage is not covered under the warranty, but may be repaired for a small fee.

    Lifetime Guarantee on Craftsmanship & Hardware
    Made in USA Duluth, Minnesota
    7 Reviews 4.9/5
    Flyfish Upnorth
    Product Review
    Very solid and well built. I utilize the pack as a daily computer carrier for business purposes. As noted in previous reviews, the side pockets are a bit small. A tall/skinny stainless steel water bottle fits perfectly. The single inside pocket is great to organize your small things, but, sometimes gets in the way when loading the pack up full. The bottom of the laptop sleeve would benefit from some sort of padding; just be careful and don't throw your computer into the pack. All in all, I wouldn't trade my well worn, 10 year old Laptop Scoutmaster (no side wings like the new ones have) for any new computer bag on the market and/or anything less than $500 cash.
    Product Review
    Duluth Pack has an unbelievable assortment of bags and after using the Duluth Pack #4 on several trips to the BWCA, I wanted to upgrade my daily work bag to something more timeless and versatile. I have had the pack for almost 9 months and has made it to work with me daily, and on several trips as well including Mackinaw Island this summer, Phoenix in January, and most recently a trip down to the Dominican! Pros: 1. This pack will hold an enormous amount of stuff if you want it to. I used this as my luggage on 2 separate occasions and fit all of my possessions. 2. The flaps on the inside increasing the volume are awesome if overstuffing the bag, but can get in the way daily when the pack is not filled completely. 3. The leather straps are thick, and after a couple months they loosen up and are not as stiff as they were when I purchased it. 4. The padded laptop sleeve works well to separate the contents inside, and also works well as a pad for your back. 5. The quality of the build is apparent. After months of use the color has not faded, the stitching shows no sign of failing and the leather straps have become worn and the bag is even more user friendly now. 6. I am 6 foot 3 and the bag fits me perfectly. I was a little worried about the size being a little large, but after using this I feel I made the right decision going with the Scoutmaster over the smaller Scout. 7. I love the key clip and the zipper pocket. While traveling, it is nice to clip my keys inside the pack and know that they will not be lost on the trip. Cons: 1. The strap connections being on the bottom of the pack. I really like the new “wingâ€ù design on the smaller scout but the option wasn’t available on the pack when I made the investment. The straps can slip around the side of the bag when it is not filled completely and makes carrying a little awkward. 2. The water bottle holders on the side are a bit small. They fit my 18 oz Hydro Flask when the bag is not filled completely, but there is no way of fitting a Nalgene or large bottle in these holders. 3. Not really a major con, but when the bag is not filled more than half full, it can become a bit droopy. I remedy this by tightening up the shoulder straps. 4. The leather portion of the shoulder straps are extremely long. Even with the bag completely full, I still have 3 notches remaining and I am 6 foot 3, 230 pounds. I do not see how or why anyone would need these to adjust fully out and that just leaves the excess strap dangling. I remedy this by folding the excess strap back into the buckle to eliminate the amount of strap hanging low. Overall I would highly recommend this pack to the daily bag user that prefers a backpack of a laptop bag. It holds everything very well, would accommodate very large to small sized computers and can serve as a daypack on vacations or camping trips. I cannot wait to invest in the smaller Scout for my wife!
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