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Fuel Bottle


Brand MSR
SKU: W-538-11OZ
Designed to safely store and transport your fuel. The MSR Fuel Bottle is compatible with all MSR liquid-fuel stoves.
  • The Fuel Bottle connects to the threaded pump of your MSR stove for use as a fuel tank.
  • Airtight seal allows fuel to be stored longer by preventing air from entering and degrading fuel.
  • Made from single-piece, impact-extruded aluminum to prevent leaks and cracks.
  • Bolstered shoulder and base resist bulging when pressurized.
  • Holes in the shaft of the bottle cap prevent spills and provide greater control when pouring.
  • MSR Fuel Pump can be stored inside a depressurized bottle for easy transport while on the trail.
  • New child-resistant cap makes it difficult for kids to open the bottle.