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Rucksack Backpack


SKU: B-142-OD

The practical size and attractive styling of our Rucksack Backpack make it the perfect backpack for your next day trip.


  • Rugged 15-ounce canvas construction.
  • Leather shoulder straps riveted for extra reinforcement.
  • Drawcord closure and buckling leather flap for main compartment opening.
  • Leather grab handle for easy pickup.
  • Front pocket closes with button snap for storing essentials.
  • Enough space for a jacket, guidebook, snacks, and extra water.


  • Dimensions
15.5"H x 12"W x 7"D + pocket
  • Capacity
21 Liters + pocket
  • Uses
 Everyday, Travel, School, Hiking

    Made in the USA. Backed by our lifetime guarantee. 

    Made in USA Lifetime Guarantee

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