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20mm Accessory Straps with Hook Release


SKU: M-981-40

These versatile accessory straps have a quick release buckle that is made from anodized 7075 aluminum.


  • Features quick hook release buckle
  • Lash dry bags onto a deck of a sea kayak or raft
  • Use to attach gear to your pack, touring bike, roof rack...
  • Buckle made from zinc plated steel
  • 10mm / 3/8 straps rated to 125kg / 275lbs
  • 20mm / 3/4 straps rated to 150kg / 330lb


Size Variation: 1M / 40 in

  • Length: 40 in/1m
  • Width: 3/4 in/20mm
Size Variation: 2M / 80 in
  • Length: 80 in/2m
  • Width: 3/4 in/20mm