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Per The Manufacturer, There May Be A 6 - 8 Week Wait For Backordered Red & Yellow Floats

Spring Creek HD Canoe Stabilizer Floats Complete Package
Spring Creek HD Canoe Stabilizer Floats Complete Package
Purchase Spring Creek HD Canoe Stabilizer Floats Complete Package

SKU: SPC-0200
Spring Creek HD Canoe Stabilizer Floats Complete Package

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Upsell image for Spring Creek Carrying Bag for Canoe/Kayak Stabilizer Floats
Spring Creek Carrying Bag for Canoe/Kayak Stabilizer Floats


Spring Creek Manufacturing’s float stabilizer packages are the safety and comfort you are looking for while on the water. Made from durable, lightweight Polyethylene plastic, these floats are designed to be easy to use, universal, and keep your canoe stable and upright. Extendible up to 20″ in each direction, you’ll get the width that you need, and you’ll be pleased with the ease of use and simple design that all comes together to make the best canoe stabilizer on the market.

The floats weigh 5lbs each and the universal receiver weighs between 7 and 8.5lbs depending on the size.

Each Canoe Stabilizer Package comes with 1 Universal Receiver, 2 Canoe Stabilizer Floats, 2 Telescoping Arms, and 1 set of Clamps.

  • Hydrodynamic Design for minimal drag through the water and excellent stability.
  • Easily adjustable with locking cam lever arms.
  • Color options: Grey, Red and Yellow.
  • Universal Receiver Sizing

The Universal Receiver is made in different lengths to fit all canoes and kayaks. Standard sizes are 30″, 36″, 40″ and 45″. To size your canoe for a Universal Receiver, first, measure your canoe at it’s widest point. Measuring the widest point gives you the option to place the Universal Receiver anywhere on your canoe that is comfortable. Most canoe gunwales have inside lips for clamping, meaning your clamps will be on the inside of the canoe. However, some canoe gunwales have outside lips, and in this case your clamps will clamp to the outside of your canoe. If this is your circumstance, please go up one Universal Receiver size when ordering.

This is NOT a Personal Flotation Device. ALWAYS wear a U.S. Coast Guard Approved Type III (PFD) Vest while operating

2 Reviews 5.0/5
JG (Seattle)
This is the best purchase I've made for my canoe. I often take my 14 ft flat bottom canoe into the Puget Sound to fish for salmon or go crabbing. The stabilizers transformed the experience from always sitting and feeling tippy in 1-2 foot wakes to being able to stand confidently and take on 3-4 foot wakes. After 1 year of use, it feels like it'll last forever except for the small poles that insert into the pontoon. The pegs that hold them into place cause the peg holes to widen over time. This causes the pontoons to be a little wobbly, but it doesn't impact the overall performance. I may need to make my own replacement poles. Also, just want to praise the manufacturer, Spring Creek. I had a problem and they called me and solved it. They were super friendly and helpful, and they stand behind their products. Get this and be sure to get the bag. It makes it much easier to pack around and it's durable.
Marlon Barbosa
Product Review
Best product ever ! easy to install , durable, and looks really good on my kayak.
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