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Classic Wool Rifle Case



A gun case that is as finely crafted as your favorite firearm, crafted in a recognizable classic wool. Providing protection from scratches, dirt, and the elements from gun safe to deer stand. 

For custom orders, please visit our custom orders page. 

Order 4" longer than gun to ensure a proper fit.


  • Wool construction
  • Extra thick fleece cushions your firearm from bumps and bruises, but also effectively helps to wick away damaging moisture.
  • Unlike traditional metal zippers, our high quality outdoor specific zippers are much less likely to scratch the finish on your firearm.
  • Includes durable cotton webbing shoulder strap.


Available Lengths

  • 43 Inches
  • 46 Inces
  • 49 Inches
  • 52 Inches
  • 55 Inches
Made in USA Lifetime Guarantee