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The History of Golden Retrievers

Golden Retrievers are addictive. They completely encompass the saying “man’s best friend”. Goldens will steal your heart and provide the most unconditional love you have ever received; owners of Golden Retrievers will back me up on this one. Although Golden Retrievers are among the most popular dog breeds in the world, many don’t know the history behind this beloved breed. That’s why we, Duluth Pack, have provided a brief history of Golden Retrievers for all you dog-lovers out there.  

Dogs have been around for thousands of years, with most retrievers originating in European countries. They were bred by aristocrats who wanted dogs strictly for hunting purposes. Historically, a dog breed would start with an idea, such as a dog who could hunt in the marshes or a dog who could retrieve from the water, and once the idea was established these aristocrats would start the selective breeding process. This selective breeding created all sorts of sizes, coat types, coat colors, and temperaments of dogs. Dog breeds, however, weren’t recognized until the 1800s when kennel clubs were created. Kennel clubs worked to create specific standards for each of the breeds with the intent to categorize them into the breeds we all know today.  

But where do Golden Retrievers fit in? The nobleman responsible for this breed was the first Lord Tweedmouth, Dudley Majoribanks, and he developed them in the Scottish Highlands. He wanted a dog who would excel in rugged terrains and was an excellent retriever for hunting. Additionally, he wanted to create a breed that had a gentle and sweet temperament and would be good in a home setting. How he did this was he crossed the “yellow retriever” with the Tweed Water Spaniel – a now extinct breed – and threw in some Irish Setter and Bloodhound, Springer Spaniel, and Newfoundland. First named Golden Flat-Coats, Golden Retrievers were recognized by the American Kennel Club in 1925. Hunters loved the functionality of the breed, show-goers loved the style and beauty, and their kind temperament was, and still is, loved by all.  

As of 2020, Golden Retrievers were ranked number four in terms of the most popular dog breeds in the world. This is due to the breed’s friendly, tolerant attitude that makes them great family pets, and their intelligence that makes them highly capable working dogs. They are found to come in three general colors: light golden, golden, and dark golden. There is an abundance of reasons as to why Golden Retrievers are among the best dog breeds in the world – and are known to be referred to as a comfort rug with a heartbeat – but the bottom line is that goldens are extremely loyal, gentle, and kind, which comes from their deep-rooted desire to please their owners. But, beware of shedding!!!!   

Goldens are known for being the best family dogs, and they will be sure to leave paw prints on your heart!  

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