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The Importance of Spring Clean-Up – How To Safely Clean Up Fallen Trees And Branches

Spring clean-up is a term most used for reference regarding the indoors and house projects in particular. We agree, however, it is important to also focus on the outdoors and ways to maintain a safe, organized, and well managed surrounding in Mother Nature.

If you have an abode that resides on a body of water, most individuals take the time in the months where it begins to warm up to focus on cleaning the area around the docks, preparing for installation. These can include sand bar maintenance, moving, adding, or eliminating rocks, and also clearing a safe and proper path for people to access.

Another area to focus on for clean up this spring is on fallen trees and branches, and with that, new stumps. Due to the harsh winter storms and blizzards in 2022, we have already seen a tremendous amount of lumbar that has fallen. Here at Duluth Pack, we highly suggest helping to maintain trails’ integrity by properly cutting and removing these fallen timber pieces. Asking yourself, “How do I clean up fallen trees?”. Look no further, we have you set for success with proper pruning techniques and handling damaged trees. 

To ensure you are safe, we suggest investing in the proper gear first. At Duluth Pack, we sell the highest quality of axes, hatchets, and saws that are hand forged in Sweden and also the world’s best camp saw that is Made in the USA. Our selection includes Gransfors Bruk, Hults Bruk, and Spring Creek Manufacturing. These are excellent choices instead of a chainsaw. Due to demand, if the axe, hatchet, or saw you choose is not in stock, we highly recommend placing an order to get on our highly demanded backorder list. 

Depending on what type of clean up you are doing, it is crucial to choose the proper axe, hatchet, or saw for the job. For reference, we recommend reading our blog post about the different types of axes and the uses for them and tuning into a recent podcast episode with Grant from Spring Creek Manufacturing. 

Here is a selection of our best-selling and top-rated axes, hatchets, and saws by brand:

Spring Creek Manufacturing

Introducing the Made in the USA Tuff Camp Saw by Spring Creek Manufacturing. This strong, durable, and easy to use folding camp saw is the most versatile, easy to use saw on the market. Its tube spine design allows for a very strong no bend or twist motion while keeping its lightweight strong aluminum finish. The Tuff Camp Saw folds for easy transport, is easy to assemble and is very lightweight. The poly handle allows sure cam locking of the handle and no expansion or contraction due to moisture or the elements. This saw has a 21″, 24″ or 30″ blade for long draws and quick cuts. We recommend completing your collection with the Made in the USA Duluth Pack Folding Saw Case

How to assemble: Simply lift the folded handle to clear locking peg, pull out the blade, rotate saw arms/handles all the way around, insert the blade into slots and rotate the lever 180 degrees to lock in place.

The Camp Saw Starter Kit is here to help you tackle all of your woodworking tasks. The value set includes a Made in the USA Spring Creek Manufacturing Tuff Camp Saw, a Spare Blade, and a rugged 15-ounce canvas Duluth Pack Folding Saw Case. With the Woodsman’s Adventure Starter Kit, you will have all of the tools needed to cut, limb, and trim all wood types while being able to pack, store, and carry your items all in one safe and secure case. These items separately would cost $140, save 25% by buying this Starter Kit!

Spring Creek Manufacturing is proud to offer on the Duluth Pack website all-purpose replacement blades that are rust-proof and available in 3 lengths: 21, 24, 31in.

Gransfors Bruk

A hefty 5 1/2 lb head and 31″ handle make this maul an incredible wood splitting tool. The poll is designed for pounding on a splitting wedge.

The Outdoor Axe has been designed to have numerous uses: limbing trees, chopping and splitting firewood, and also as a heavy knife for woodcarving or simply cutting food. Despite its size, the Outdoor Axe can even be used for felling trees when kneeling, thanks to its relatively long handle and heavy head. The axe has a 2 1/2″ face and a 14.75″ hickory handle and the head weighs 1 lb. It features a throat collar, and comes with a full-grain leather sheath.

  • Gransfors Bruk Small Splitting Axe
  • This may be the last splitting axe you ever need. A steel collar below the head provides impact resistance and “Splitting-wedge” cheeks on the thick head power wood apart.

Hults Bruk

The Hults Bruk Aneby is a stout medium sized axe. It is designed to offer considerable power and leverage, making it ideal for hunters to carry out animal skinning and other tasks. Additionally, it is ideally suited for light forest work. This item has an axe head weight of 1.75 Lbs and a handle length of 20 inches. Now comes complete with a Duluth Pack Axe Holder in this great bundle deal to carry your hatchet at your belt.

The Sarek Splitting Axe is named after the Sarek National Park, which is located in Jokkmokk Municipality, Lapland in northern Sweden. Established in 1909, the park is one of the oldest national parks in Europe. The design’s secret is a hundred-year-old Swedish splitting pattern with small cheeks and a straight blade that cuts deeply into the wood. A metal spine runs along the cheeks of the axe that reduces friction while adds adding wedging action to break wood open. The 3.5-lb. axe head is meticulously finished and expertly balanced with a straight 30-inch American hickory wood handle. The cutting edge is approximately 2.75-inches in length. Note: all Hults Bruk axes are hand forged, so there may be slight variations from axe to axe. 

The Hults Bruk Jonaker is their most compact hatchet. Now available as a bundle with our very own Made in America Duluth Pack Axe Holder. It is intended for tasks such as making kindling, doing light clearing, and for any number of backcountry jobs. It is ideal for including in your pack and being worn on a belt. This item has an axe head weight of one pound and a handle length of 9.4 inches.

This compact felling axe is one of the most versatile axes. The Hults Bruk Agdor 26 walks the line between axe and hatchet — small enough for making kindling yet capable of tree cutting. The curved 26-inch American hickory handle is perfectly sized for limbing, clearing brush, or backpacking short distances. The 2-pound hand-forged axe head delivers for felling, bucking, driving wedges, limbing downed trees, clearing trails, and light splitting for firewood processing. Painted Agdor blue and expertly hand forged from premium Swedish steel, machine sharpened and ready to use out of the box. The cutting edge is approximately 3.62-inches in length.  

Quality Axe and Saw Accessories

The Made in the USA Folding Saw Case by Duluth Pack is the ideal companion for your durable folding camp saw. Handcrafted of rugged 15-ounce canvas and completed with weatherproof and guaranteed for life snap button closure and small D-ring, this is the Folding Saw Case you will buy once and have for a lifetime of adventures. An exterior back pocket is built to hold additional saw blades. The Duluth Pack Canvas Folding Saw Case is designed to securely hold and carry your 21″, 24”, and 30” camp saws.

Handcrafted from premium belt leather, this product is the ultimate accessory to carry your axe hands-free. Attach to your belt and access your axe or hatchet with one quick snap. Helps you securely and safely transport your axe while keeping your hands free to carry what you chop or continue to work on. 

A quality replacement blade for the Sven Saw. 

For the fireplace in your home or cabin or the fire pit, while camping, our Log Carrier allows you to carry more firewood and keep your clothes, floors, and carpets free of debris. This firewood carrier will take the beating you put it under and stay looking good for generations. 

Your search for the best Made in the USA full-zipper tin cloth canvas hunting chaps ends here. No matter where you wander in the woods, the American Made Duluth Pack Canvas Chaps have you covered. A highlight of our hunting gaiter Canvas Chaps is that they zipper all the way to the top of the leg for easy access to put on and take off without your boots getting the inside dirty. The guaranteed for life snap closure was added on the bottom to eliminate any zipper kreep. Our Canvas Chaps are built with our high-quality, rugged, and heavy waxed canvas, for strength, durability, and to keep moisture out. These chaps are highly water-resistant, meaning that they will keep you nice and dry while battling the elements. These oil skin chaps are ideal for upland game hunting, mule hunting, woodworking, or working in the garage. Your best pair of tin Canvas Chaps are now available in two different sizes for optimal fit. 

Gränsfors ceramic sharpening stone is composed by ceramic abrasives. It has a coarse side with grain size 180 to deal with rough damages and a fine side with grain size 600 suitable for fine grinding and sharpening. The stone is normally used with water, but can also be used dry. The stone is round and flat with a phase around the edges to prevent chipping. The fine side is 2/3 of the total thickness. The stone has a protective rubber casing.

Now that you have your timber cut up, utilize the logs and branches by having a fire in your backyard, at a campsite, or in your fireplace. We highly suggest checking out the Duluth Pack Fire Poker and Wax Canvas Starters.

Disclaimer: For more extensive information on tree maintenance and care, Duluth Pack recommends you contact the local DNR Forester or City Forester. Please handle axes, hatches, and saws properly, take care when falling trees, and reach out to professionals when safety is a concern. Duluth Pack is not responsible or liable for your safety. 

Happy Adventuring, friends!

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