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Top 5 Back to School Backpacks to Last a Lifetime

Heading back to school is an exciting time of year for many and with school right around the corner, this means back-to-school shopping. From school supplies and new clothes, there are a lot of things to choose from. To help make these choices, Duluth Pack has gathered five of their top-rated USA Made backpack styles and highlighted each of their unique features. This allows you to find the best rucksack-style bag that will last a lifetime.

Medium Standard Backpack

The Medium Standard Backpack is a great option to grow with your child from as young as grade school. This pack has adjustable cotton webbed straps and utilizes rugged 15-ounce canvas. The Medium Standard Backpack utilizes guarantee for life zippers and weatherproof hardware. This pack also includes a large front zippered pocket to hold their school supplies like pencil bags, water bottles, and more all in an organized fashion. This backpack is built to last through it all and is backed with Duluth Pack’s lifetime guarantee on all craftsmanship and hardware. If you are looking for a style to grow with you this is a great option.

Deluxe Laptop Backpack

The Deluxe Laptop Backpack is one you can rely on for life and works well for high school and college students. This Made in the USA pack is handcrafted from rugged 15-ounce canvas and weatherproof hardware. The backpack’s premium leather straps are adjustable for ultimate comfort. This rucksack style is also accented with premium American cowhide to re-enforce your pack for ultimate durability. The Deluxe Laptop Backpack has a padded protective laptop sleeve in the back of the bag to secure your laptop or additional technology devices and provides additional carrying comfort. When looking for a pack to go beyond the classroom this is an excellent choice. The Deluxe Laptop Backpack can fit underneath most airline seats and overhead compartments for traveling. The front zippered pocket works well for your organizational needs and is spacious to hold all your essentials. This is the backpack style for you if you are looking for a premium backpack that will last a lifetime.

Deluxe Roll-Top Scout Pack

The Deluxe Roll-Top Scout Pack has the features of the iconic Roll-Top Scout Pack with added functionality and first-rate aesthetics. The Deluxe Roll-Top Scout Pack is accented with premium American cowhide. This gives added durability while maintaining its iconic heritage style. This backpack style has webbed cotton straps for instant comfort and utilizes weatherproof hardware. Built from rugged 15-ounce canvas, this pack, like all Duluth Pack manufactured products, carries a lifetime guarantee on all craftsmanship and hardware.  The Deluxe Roll-Top Scout Pack has two front roller buckles to create a secure closure for the pack’s main compartment. This compartment can also be accessed through a zippered side pocket for ease. This style can expand for additional storage and is able to carry your school supplies, laptop, hiking gear, and more. The front weatherproof zipper pocket can stow your smaller accessories including your keys, a phone, wallet, and miscellaneous cords. If you are looking for a school pack that is iconic and can also be a daypack during weekends, the Deluxe Roll-Top Scout Pack is a great choice for you.

Laptop Scoutmaster

The Laptop Scoutmaster is a refined style that is built for a range of adventures and can work for a variety of students. This box-style pack utilizes Duluth Pack’s 15-ounce rugged canvas for durability. Like all Duluth Pack products, the Laptop Scoutmaster carries a lifetime guarantee on all craftsmanship and hardware. The pack will keep your belongings secure with two front roller buckle closures and internal flap system with a clip closure. This USA Made style also includes several organizational features. These include an internal zippered hang pocket, a clip for your keys, a business card holder, and a 16” H x 14” W padded sleeve. The padded sleeve allow you to safely carry your laptop wherever you go. These features make this bag ideal for a student or professional and is a great alternative to a briefcase style.

The Limited-Edition Legacy Pack

The Legacy Pack is a limited-edition backpack style that blends the top-rated features of Duluth Pack’s iconic top-selling packs. These packs include the Laptop Scoutmaster Pack, Deluxe Roll-Top Scout Pack, and the #2 Original Pack. The Legacy Pack is an iconic custom design celebrating the milestone of 140 years of American manufacturing by Duluth Pack. This pack features a custom logo brass tag. This tag pays homage to the Duluth Pack’s continued commitment as a USA Made company located in Duluth, MN. The Legacy Pack is a custom design and only 300 bags in total have been created, with each bag being numbered from 1-300.

This backpack style is handcrafted utilizing rugged 15-ounce canvas and weatherproof hardware. You can store your belongings in the main compartment securely with three roller buckle closure straps. You can also access the compartment through a side pocket for ease. This box-style backpack is ideal for school, hiking, travel, and everyday use. This limited-edition pack is a great choice for those who want a unique pack full of great features.

Now you have five great back to school backpacks that will last for the entire school year and beyond! This should help you discover the best backpack style for your needs. You can also shop Duluth Pack’s book bags if you are looking for a crossbody pack for school. Regardless of the style you choose, you can’t go wrong with a Duluth Pack bag!

Happy shopping, friends!

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